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Cancer Patients...


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I was wondering if there were any cancer patients here? I was wondering because I have been caring for my father for the past year and his cancer is now in the terminal stages...(well actually, it was in the terminal stages when they FOUND it but now theres nothing more they can do).

He's on hospice and they have been real kind to us, they offer counselling services for the family and they help us with medications and stuff, but they dont really -know- what its like to care for a dying family member nor what its like to actually have cancer.

If any of you can share your stories with me, i would gladly listen to them. Perhaps some of you have advice on dealing with these issues, or maybe even some good marijuana laced recipies. Anything really, this is getting increasingly difficult and i am trying to make him as comfortable as possible.

Also, if there are any care providers that can help me out that would be nice too. My mental state has been...lacking....since all this began and ive had a few...incidents....that have been putting me out of comission. Some advice on how to deal with this crap would be nice...
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