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Steve Collett for Congress
1728 Abbot Kinney Blvd.
Venice, Ca. 90291
phone (310) 477-2226
email: electcollett@gmail.com
cell: (909) 996-6904


Candidate Claims "Marijuana Will Be Legal In 2012"

Saturday, March 27th, Manhattan Beach, Ca. — Steve Collett announced his candidacy for Jane Harman's vacated seat for the 36th US Congressional District today. Mr. Collett is a Certified Public Accountant and a 30 year resident of the district. He says he understands job creation and is running on a platform of limited government, equal justice, more liberty and prosperity. "My plans offer win/win solutions for the people," he said.

Bruce's Beach was selected for the site of his announcement because it was the site of discrimination against blacks during alcohol prohibition in the 1920′s. "Marijuana will be decriminalized for adults in California in 2012," Steve Collett said to a throng of enthusiastic supporters. "I will go to Washington and fight for California's right to self determination on decriminalization." Over 46% of voters voted in favor of Proposition 19 and Collett predicts that a revised initiative will succeed in 2012.

When asked how he appealed to the aerospace industries in the district, Collett stated that, "Engineers deal in facts and reality every day. Aerospace workers are educated and concerned by the problems caused by a criminal approach to solving what is really a health issue."

Running as a Libertarian, Steve Collett is on the ballot in what is likely to be an 18 way race. The official list will be certified on March 30th, but the list includes Mr. Collett, five democrats, six Republicans, one Peace and Freedom candidate and five others who will be listed on the ballot as "No Party Preference".

Heavyweights Janice Hahn and "Kit" Bobko are likely to make a large splash in a race already in controversy. The Secretary of State, Debra Bowen is also in the race making for a very complicated transition to the new election rules passed by voters with Proposition 14 last year.

Because of lower turnouts in special elections and the wide field, there is some chance for a dark-horse candidate with a surprise showing. "Just 12,000 voters could take us to the second round and 10% of the voters could produce a victory and avoid a runoff", said Steve Collett.

The 36th District includes a number of Los Angeles beach cities from Venice to Redondo Beach, Torrance and others. District maps, voter information and more information on the candidates on the candidates' websites:

Elect Steve Collett | The right choice for the 36th District

Janice Hahn

Kit Bobko for Congress

Debra Bowen for Congress


Media is available in a variety of sizes from 300×200 px web to 10″x15″ print.

If you would like more information, to arrange an interview with Mr. Collett, or to join him on a precinct walk, please Contact Matthew "Boomer" Shannon at (909) 641-7675 or email Boomer at boomer.shannon@gmail.com


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