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Candidate Needs support !

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Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 06:57:40 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Ras Ed Forchion,US Dissident" <njweedman@yahoo.com>
Subject: Pro-Marijuana legalization Protest
Candidate Needs support !

As a protest to the marijuana laws, I am again running for US Congress in the
first congressional district of New Jersey. Come check-out my site www.tlmp.org
and if you feel up to supporting me in anyway please do. -- Next week during the
Repulican Convention -in Philly (right across the Delaware from the Fist
district) - I'll be running Pro-marijuana commercials. I will be attempting to
run commercials from now until Nov 7 (election day) but I really want to start
on July 28th- August 4th.
The worlds media will be staying in hotel rooms through-out the first district.
They will see them. I'm running them on CNN-CNBC-MsNBC, - I'm not really trying
to reach my potential voter's with these initial commercials, I'm trying to
reach the worlds media. I want to make the marijuana issue a major political
issue in the upcoming election. I have publicly declared myself an American
Dissident - www.tlmp.org/american_dissident.htm - and on one of the Commercials
I again say it, the worlds media should report this.

We all know marijuana is not a schedule 1 drug, the only reason people still are
arrested and ruined by the marijuana laws is because of political decision's not
to reclassify it correctly. I'm currentedly facing marijuana charges that could
send me to prison for 30 years becuase I know the truth and have never complied
with the Marijuana prohibition. I have freely ingested marijuana into my own
body for close to twenty years and have no intention on stoping, and yes, I have
also helped a great many people obtain "GOD" grown 100% natural marijuana. I
beleive all persons in prison for marijuana laws are POLITICAL prisoner's. This
is not just about me. Where-ever you are whether you smoke marijuana or not it
is time to take the offensive in this "WAR on US".

If you could help pay for a few runs of the commercials I would greatly
appreciate it. My telephone number is (609)893-1893

Make Payment to :


C/O Sales manager: CHRISTA

307 Fellowship Rd.

Suite 214, MT Laurel NJ -08054

Christa's number is: 856-234-8881 call her to make arrangements.