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Candyland - 2 Mars 48 Series Reflector 200 Watts At Wall

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Hello from Grassachusettes!
Here we have a Candyland.
I dont remember the breeder it was a freebie from Attitude about a year ago.

I using *2*series 48 reflector grow lights **mars hydro**
Reason being I'm trying to keep this grow low key and at 200 watts at the wall, its perfect for my 36x20x48 inch tent

The Candyland is roughly 4 months old and I am transitioning to flower this week
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Everybody is doing great
The clones are about a week and most of them have roots showing, the second month old. Ended up a gift to my bro-in law.
And Bertha the candyland is pumping along. Any tips? I'm using general hydro nutes.
Very lightly only feeding once a week at half strength. Watering every 3rd day.
1st week of pre-flower.
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Candyland is taking off! Cant waot to see what these. Mars hydro 48 series reflectors can do, i purchased them off craigslist for 50 a piece so I'm really hoping rhia micro grow can pull through something great. And tips guys?