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Cann amm drug testing lab help


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Hi everyone, I am a new member and a long time puffer.

So I started working for a construction company (ledcor) in Alberta in June 2013. I quit weed for a month to pass their pre employment dt. I did pass, fast forward to late February 2014 I was around an incident at work and got sent to take a test from only being 12days clean, and I passed which surprised me.

March 5th 2014 I got layed off for unrelated reasons, got a phone call a week after asking if I wanted to return to work may 9th 2014. I accepted and was told to take another test before I head out. I ended up procrastinating for awhile then I quit for 10 days. Three days before the test I drank copious amounts of water up until the day of the test. Took the test and felt very confident that I would pass seeing how I passed in 12 days and did not do any detox or anything. Well I got a phone call a week later saying that my urine was diluted and I had to take an immediate retest within 24 hours. Just my luck because the day I got that phone call I smoked weed.

I said screw it, and went for it anyways, the weed couldn't make it to my bladder that fast could it? Well it did, I failed the test. Result that time was diluted with traces of marijuanna.

So I ended up going to see a drug and alcohol for the company to see if I have any problem, I was deemed to be a safe worker. I'm now just waiting for my employer to contact me to schedule a new test.
Here's my question, would quick fix be a good idea or am I gonna have to quit pot for good? Because since I failed, I will have to do random tests now.

I'm hesitant with quick fix or any s.u for that matter, mainly because I don't know if the urine which I already provided to the lab (CANN AMM) will be on record and compared to the synthetic stuff seeing if they both have the same DNA.

Another concern would be if there lab can easily detect synthetic urine. Cannamm is the drug testing for one of the biggest oil and gas company's out there (suncor) so I would think they would be up to the times with synthetic urine and test for it.

I also think they might check for the synthetic urine primarily because I've already tested positive for weed so I have more of a reason to cheat.

Really don't want to give up weed for good :(

Anyone with some input from either working with cann amm or getting tested through cannamm and cheated there test somehow, would be great!


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I think its going to boil down to how bad you want the job. You can try synthetic urine, be sure to get the synthetic with uric acid added. The other option, depending on your circumstances at work, is to buy some powdered real urine. It means if you get the call you will have to figure out a system to add water to the urine and stir it very well and the nuke it for 10 seconds. For randoms I've found that having one of those big trucker coffee cups in very handy. Just put the bottle of urine in it and then tell them that you need to drink some coffee so you can pee. Then just prepare the urine and heat it and then when you can transfer it to your crotch.
There are lots of ways to play the game. You just have to develop a strategy that works for your work environment.
Its also possible they could observe you. You won't know that till the next time you have to take a test so be sure and use dilution as a backup plan.


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Wanted to revive this considering I am in the same situation right now. I failed my Pre-employment and I am going through with the Return to duty program and need to have a clean result before I start. Same testing company ( CannAmm ). i dont know if i willhave a chance to sub.

Anybody worked some magic with the cannamm tests? I can't get clean in time for sure so looking to dilute or sub but I think my next test will be observed so maybe cant sub. going to DOT testing.

any help or advice or stories greatly appreciated

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