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Canna Boost


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I have used it on my last 2 grows,Results yes the bud,s were nice and big but they usually are any way.. I eat and grow Organic and have alway,s lived by less is best when it comes to chemicals.. I would give a Big shout out to the Rhizotonic as I have seen first hand how it helps root development and to me that equates to a healthy plant..


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canna boost imo is a waste of money,i have used it with decent results,but not enough to justify its cost.it says you need to use 8-16 ml a gal..it also suggest that you use there 13/14 pk booster in addition to using boost.it does have a foliar option .but I am not hip to spraying my plants with nutes durin flower.another product u might consider is golden tree.i only know of one person who uses it and he is absolutely sold on it-he says the most benefiet he seen from the product was seen during veg,where he said it increased intermodal spacing and branching,and increase in root zone.i have yet to use it ,and cant really find much helpful info about it other than you use 2 ml during veg and 5 ml during flower and it claims to replace a lot of other additives.and it cost a third of canna boost.still I would b weary of such items until you can see the proof,maybe start with samplers to see if it will help.alot of the times when the regular joe schmoe is buying this stuff he doesn't take in to consideration other key factors like environment etc.,and joe thinks the snake oil will improve his grow regardless the other factors.you could actually get negative results with a good product if everything isn't dialed in.good luck with what ever you choose.


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Been using canna coco a and b along with rhizo and cannazym for awhile now. Just added boost to the mix recently along with a few other addi's from other lines. One benefit to working at a shop is I get to try the products for a fraction of the regular cost, or a lot of the time free. I wouldnt buy boost if I was the average joe but I will give my two cents worth in a couple weeks time.. Check out mb ferts they have a product that claims to replace rhizo cannazym and boost all in one bottle for a fraction of the cost. they are online.
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