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Hi all , this is my first post and must admit have loved looking on this site for tips and tricks , so I'm doing my first grow in a 1.2 by 1.2 tent 600watt light have 6 autos automazar in canna terra professional now I'm a bit concerned as I no my ph should be between 6.2-6.5 on the bag it's says it's 6 . My tap water comes out neutral at 7 when I use this the run of comes out says it's reading 5.8 which is to low so should I raise my ph then use please help guys and girls thank you .

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Depending on what stage you are at, seedlings that are not being fed I would ph water to 6, once feeding commences I would just PH the nutrient mix to 6 and not worry about ph to any water feeds in between, the nutes held in the canna terra will buffer water down to the right level :thumb: saying that though its a good idea to test runoff for ph, if it starts to rise or drop too much out of our 5.6-6.3 range then we would start making ph amendments to the water or nute mix ;)
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