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Cannabelle's Hemp Photo Journal

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Hemp is an amazing plant with so many applications in the home from fresh sprouts, highly nutritious seed protein, cooking, homemade skin products to crafts.

Hemp is also a burgeoning green agribusiness crop with so many amazing applications from cosmetics, food, animal food, textiles, paper, bio fuel, medicines, building material and high conductivity graphene substitute. Hemp is so green that it is used to reclaim land poisoned by industrial waste and mining. Someday hemp may even be used to terraform distant plants and provide nutrition , medicines, building materials, 3D printing putty and high conductivity sheets for ultra micro computers and robotics for our future astronauts. This plant is a housewife and scientist's best friend.

This photographic journal is dedicated to this most versitile plant.

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Last year, I dreamed about all the applications I could create with hemp. Since hemp seed is much cheaper than medicinal and psychoactive strains of cannabis, I thought hemp could help me explore ways to grow cannabis better indoors and outdoors. I was so excited that my state was exploring hemp research and agribusiness. However, hemp seed was still getting confiscated by DEA because of that nasty Schedule 1 designation even though the seeds were being sent to universities for research. Viable hemp seed was so hard to come by, that I even pestered 420 sponsors to start carrying hemp seed. Our sponsors are better at stealth shipping practices.

Since then, I have found my own resources of hemp strains and free hemp seed banks. Yes, there are government and research organizations that stock pile hemp genetics and share with researchers and government organizations. I will share some of these resources after I get approval from 420 about providing outside links. The worldwide hemp seed banks and organizations aren't competitors on 420 as there is no viable hemp seed business on 420 yet . . . Hopefully, as laws change, commercial hemp seed banks will start popping up and become 420 sponsors!

There are way more registered hemp landraces, hybrids, cultivars and patented strains of hemp then there are medical and recreational strains of marijuana. There is so much misinformation and whacky science in the United States about hemp crops. United States researchers didn't just discover the differences between hemp and marijuana alleles. They just isolated an allele that has a pending patent. This is not new science; it is political science. Only a few popular strains in Canada and France carry this allele which prevents transfer of THC/CBD genetic information from stray pollen. Conservative governments and hemp food producers fear cross pollination from recreational strains.

However, in order for hemp research to move forward, we need to work together to share the wealth of information available worldwide on this ancient cash crop known as industrial hemp.

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When I got my first pound of a high CBD French strain (high is 2%+ CBD) the first thing I did was make sprouts.

I was hungry for easy to digest nutrition. My auto immune disorder coupled with the chemo meds and opioids had severely compromised my G.I. tract and liver.


The next thing I did was conduct botanical experiments in sprouting solutions:

From my sprouting results in the kitchen and in my office, I found that sprouts are more vigorous when grown with other sprouts as the shared moisture is loaded with germination enzymes, cytokinins, auxins, and amino acids that boost root growth than if the seeds were germinated separately. In terms of preserving cannabis genetics, fresh solution from a hemp sprout kitchen soak can then be used to boost older cannabis seeds which have lost their germination vigor and also as a root stimulant for cloning.

Just look at the difference in size of a singular 5 day old hemp sprout versus a colony of 5 day hemp sprouts:

The radicle of the singular grown hemp sprout is only an inch long while the colony sprout radicles average 3 inches in length with some radicles taller than the homemade solo cup sprouter. 5+inches. Enough height to lift the cover of the sprouter.
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The following photographs depict the smallest female hemp who was later crossed with my smallest and bushiest QNT males.









In photo 7, just as the initial flowers exposed seeds, the flowers that were not pollinated began to ooze a very sticky, clear resin. I need a chem lab to assay the sticky resin. The stickiness and viscosity of the resin was like epoxy before hardness sets in. Perhaps the hemp was attempting to trap stray bugs that may have pollen on their bodies and appendages.

In photo 8, you can see the great difference in sizes between a small French hemp strain and high CBD medical cannabis strain QNT by La Plata seeds. Both seed types are vigorous growers and fast finishers. However, small hemp strains such as this are bred for high protein food grade seed. A larger seed on a stockier plant is ideal for seed harvest. On the other, QNT is bred to be moderately low in THC with a CBD percentage that can range from 10% - 21%. Seed size is not as important in medical cannabis.

When a female food grade hemp plant is crossed with a smaller medical cannabis male like QNT, the resultant seeds actually take on the characteristics of both parent seeds while compromising seed size.

Thus, for food grade hemp crops, cross pollination with a small seed cannabis strain like QNT may reduce seed value because seed bulk is reduced.

I will try to grow the crossbred seeds to examine physical differences between parents, anomalies, trichome production and resin production. I am allowing the crossbred seeds to ripen at the moment.

I intend on selecting a small hemp male to cross breed with a female QNT.

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Hemp and Medical Cannabis Seed Differences




1. Note the visual diversity in a hemp female x QNT male on a branch of harvested seed. 1 small blonde seed. 15 medium leopard spot seeds. 8 medium common brown color.

2. Visually, the same 24 count of hemp seeds are larger in appearance with an assortment of blondes and common browns.

3. There is a 26.67% loss in weight volume of the hemp x QNT seeds versus the plain hemp seeds.


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Hey Cannabelle! I'm a plant ecologist and I LOVE what you're up to here! Keep it up. I'm gonna hang around for a while!!!

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Hey Cannabelle! I'm a plant ecologist and I LOVE what you're up to here! Keep it up. I'm gonna hang around for a while!!!

Hugs Trig! :5:

You might also want to check out Cannabelle's Kapakahi 420 Companion Triad Grow. I will be demonstrating a companion grow triad that can also be used with hemp in the field to clean-up farm, municipal, and forest land that have been poisoned by mining and industrial waste. Glomus endo-mycorrhizal fungi + native wild onions + hemp.
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Very cool!

Have you noticed any difference in taste or vigor between the cross bred and pure hemp sprouts?
I'll be testing some of the crosses soon. The seeds need to harden to increase germination rates.
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I will be getting some different hemp strains from Poland and Germany in a month. Locating other strains and on the look out for wild ditchweed for studying growth habits and rhizobia.

I'll also be popping some hemp x QNT and plain French hemp seeds. I promised to do an artistic hemp bonsai in my Kapakahi 420 Companion Triad Grow thread. Turning hemp into a woody bonsai tree will take several years, so I better start one now. Bonsai is a living art form.


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Lot's of ditchweed in Nebraska....My experiences come from around North Platte and also saw some near Valentine. The bible belt is full of it, I think.