Cannabis Alchemy: how to get pure THC

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I have read that the THC acetate is supposedly longer in duration, though apparently it takes a while for effects to be noticed, 30min or so. Though it does not reach the brain faster, it does reach the brain with a higher efficency, meaning more THC gets to the brain.

Cannabis Alchemy:
THC acetate has twice the potency of THC. On the adams scale THC 7.3, while its acetate is 14.6. Furthermore, there is a 25% increase in weight after adding the acetate structure. The effect of the acetate is more spiritual and psychedelic than that of the ordinary product. The most unique property of this material is that there is a delay of about thirty minutes before its effects are felt.

The adams scale, developed by Dr. Roger Adams, the first person to identify CBD and CBN defines a cannabinoid as a drug that reduced pain and body temperature, and induced spontaneous activity in low doses and catalepsy at high doses in test animals.

Psycoactivity can only be determined from a human observers point of view, as Alexander Shulgin believes, so do I, animal testing should only be done to determine a chemicals toxicity.

THC acetate is known to be strongly psycoactive, the CIA researched this chemical in their search for an interrogation aid. It was found to be more psycoactive than THC alone and was coined "TD" for Truth Drug. There have been many independent studies as well but the MK ULTRA studies are the most notable.

You are correct in believing that adding weight to a molecule doesn't necessarily make it better, in this scenario, it does. The additional weight the acetyl group adds is not psycoactive itself but its presence allows THC twice the efficiency to cross the blood-brain barrier.
Though it weighs more and that does account for a lose in potency, since its original weight basically doubles in potency the end result has a higher value.
One gram of THC would convert into approx 1.25g of THC acetate but it would have the efficiency of approx two grams of THC.
Unlike heroin (for some reason) its metabolism in the body is not increased but actually decreased, heroin hits with more efficiency and faster than morphine, THC itself reaches the brain quicker,it hits hard, but much is lost quickly,THC acetate has a longer length of action and more THC can reach the brain, less THC is wasted, more is used, it all depends on the amount taken.

Very interesting can it be done, sounds like a botanist & a chemist would be required...It would be great if there were a solution for growers which provides this acetate described in your post to their plants.
I know I could wait 30 min. for the buzz to kick in and I especially like the idea of the stronger/longer effect:smokin:
so, can you fill us in on your subject, which is HOW to get pure thc, via alchemist methods?

my guess is you simply digest a cannabis mixture, and extract TH?
if you want to smoke 99.6%THC then something called budder is the answer. this is actually a marijuana extract that is made by whipping in air and freezing isomerizied hash oil. isomerization is an additional chemical step that converts the delta-9 THC to 6-THC activating a lot of the normally non-active cannabinoids. people who have smoked budder say they have never been so high in their life. the high is said to be mildly psychedelic and very uplifting. very euphoric and cerebral with no couchlock. you could probably get about forty hits from one gram. one gram can cost as much as $140.00. if you want your brain in the stratosphere budder is what you want to smoke.
it takes an ounce of high quality cannabis to make three grams of budder. this explains why budder is so expensive. the process of making budder is very intricate and requires an understanding of chemical reactions.
I picked this stuff up at a dead concert in Chicago about 22 years ago...I had no idea what it was till right this second .
I bought an eighth and was told it was crystal opium. It was like glass and i would shave a tiny sliver off and top off a bowl/bong and everyone would be ripped for hours and dumb/slow the next day. It lasted 6-8 months smoking it fairly often ( not daily, far to strong)....when I googled it and saw a pic in its glass form i had major de ja vu, 22 years later and my buddies still talk about that eighth of mystery substance that lasted what seemed forever back then.....
I'm trying to solve this equation:
1 oz med-high grade kush buds = (x) med-high grade weed brownies/cookies

I 've broke it down to :
1ozkush = (x) butter= (x) brownie/cookie servings

I was told once, that by a process called fractionation(similar to cracking fuels) you can use Citrol(citric acid oil) to make synthetic THC. Citrol used to be controlled. But, because it is used in so many cleaning products today, it is much more available. Anybody familiar with this process? 420 and out, Bob:cool:
Wow sounds like some killer shit but no one has said how to make it so if any one knows please share the knowleg cause I have been making bho lately and if there's some thing better then that then I have to try it so if you know how its done then help a fellow green thump out
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