Cannabis Alchemy: how to get pure THC

read somewhere today that the high will differ with what time you harvest ,, early harvest= heady mind buzz ,,longer more mature = body buzz
OK, maybe I can help a little
I've dabbled a time or two with the iso thing. In fact, lol the first time was back in the 70's with a cool little device called the ISO2 by Thai Power Inc.
What it is, is you extract the oil from the plant
clean it up the best you can, I.E. "winterization" even carbon filtering if you like
weigh the extracted oil
redisolve oil in at least 91% alcohol. I like everclear
add 5 drops concentrated sulphuric acid for each gram of oil
now reflux for about an hour
neutralize acid with baking soda, be sure to use over kill
filter out undisolved solids/baking soda
now & this is important, mix about a third of the spent cannabis you extracted back into the dissolved, isomerized oil and slowly evaporate alcohol from weed.
make sure it is DRY then pack loosly into a good sealing jar, add warm distilled h2o to about 2/3 full, close up & shake
after about 5min. pour through coffee filter and repeat 2 more times
NOW we get the good stuff, dry the weed out again thouroughly
now extract the iso'd & purified/washed oil back out of the weed with everclear
Now you have isomerized hash oil suitable for turning into THC Acetate.

From MY experiances, a person needs to have a pretty healthy supply of weed to really be worth messing with, as a lot is lost filtering and such.
If you have to buy from a dispensary or whatever at the street prices, my suggestion is don't waste your money.
If you have plenty of product to experiment with, go for it, it's a fun way to break the routine up a little

I hope this help clarify things a little
detailed instructions, step by step are available on the web in many places

Peace Out!
Hey I've been working on this experiment for a while. Just a few things left to buy. But I think this is what your looking for.

Decarboxylate, wrap plant material in foil and bake at 220°F for 25 minutes.(Do not burn material)

Add 100mL of deionized H2O to a beaker for the first gram of material and add an additional 20mL of deionized H2O for every additional gram of material.

Heat the beaker and its contents between 55° and 100°C for 15 minutes. (do not allow mixture to boil)

Remove plant material and dry thoroughly. And grind once dry.

Place ground material into a clean beaker and add C3H8O and heat between 60°C and 65°C for 20 to 60 minutes. Use about 20 mL of C3H8O for every 2 g of material.

Filter out remaining organic material with gravity filtration. (use grade 1 filters)

Filter out impure colors with norit charcoal.

After allowing solution to cool to room temperature place into an ice bath or freezer/fridge. Filter crystallized solution via vacuum filtration. Save filtrate as it can be used in conjunction with step five. Make sure crystallize THC is thoroughly dried before storing it in an airtight container.

Any chemists out there want to check my work?
if you want to smoke 99.6%THC then something called budder is the answer. this is actually a marijuana extract that is made by whipping in air and freezing isomerizied hash oil. isomerization is an additional chemical step that converts the delta-9 THC to 6-THC activating a lot of the normally non-active cannabinoids. people who have smoked budder say they have never been so high in their life. the high is said to be mildly psychedelic and very uplifting. very euphoric and cerebral with no couchlock. you could probably get about forty hits from one gram. one gram can cost as much as $140.00. if you want your brain in the stratosphere budder is what you want to smoke.

I know this is an old thread but I just have to comment. First let me say that I make bho and have everything needed to make a quality product. I vacuum purge and keep constant temperatures. I have had it tested and it never hits 99.6% not even close. I have hit the 80s though. So my question is:

How is 99.6% possible ?and I would love to see proof..
My niece made some browies and put to much butter in the cookies I ate 1 went to sleep and, woke up could not move my legs, lasted 4 hours, to much thc.Thats potent shit
Years ago when I had an ISO machine, I’d take 1/2 lb of leaf and make a batch of oil then put it in brownies. I had a 3D party as they put the Black Lagoon on tv (you has to get the glasses from 7-11. To test my brownies I ate one before everyone came over. I ate one on an empty stomach then drank a cup of hot tea. 1/2 hour later I was looking for the joint I put out, that’s how high I was. Great party, though I’m not sure if we ever saw 3D. LOL.
I've never done it at home, but I googled and saw guides and videos on how to do it. However, pure THC will cause a totally different effect for you. If you are interested in cannabis products with a high percentage of THC, you can check I use this website to find cannabis products as they have the best cannabis catalog I've ever seen. The description of each item is detailed, and you can find exactly what you're looking for. Also, there is a filter you can apply to make the process easier and faster.
Very interesting can it be done, sounds like a botanist & a chemist would be required...It would be great if there were a solution for growers which provides this acetate described in your post to their plants.
I know I could wait 30 min. for the buzz to kick in and I especially like the idea of the stronger/longer effect:smokin:
The old ways are in a book called Canabis Alchemy by D.Gold. old and potentaly dangerous methods. Very effective though and not too dangerous if instructions are followed to the letter of the law. There is a higher rotating form of thc that is equal in volume to thc but has a more complex molecular chain, two molicules longer to be exact, you use various volatile solvents to remove the two end molicules and voila thc doubled. Something like that at any rate. The solvents sound intimidating but have lower boiling temps than water so they burn off. I believe there may be some concern with unhealthy residues too some but I think it is only a concern if not done 100% correctly. Don't mess with this book unless you pay close attention to detail and procedure. I would never try the chemical processes in this book stoned and I do most things stoned lol. You have to build a blow out preventor box for some of the procedures. You make this ridiculous honey oil then use it as a bonding agent for this already crazy hash and your absolutly stupified on a cosmic level. That is the good stuff we heard stories about that would take you on a trip, a mind trip! Hope that helps. That book was always hard to find but maybe not now in the day's of the interweb.
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