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Cannabis And Driving

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The largest study ever done linking road accidents with drugs and alcohol has found drivers with cannabis in their blood were no more at risk than those who were drug-free. In fact, the findings by a pharmacology team from the University of Adelaide and Transport SA showed drivers who had smoked marijuana were marginally less likely to have an accident than those who were drug-free. A study spokesman, Dr Jason White, said the difference was not great enough to be statistically significant but could be explained by anecdotal evidence that marijuana smokers were more cautious and drove more slowly because of altered time perception. The study of 2,500 accidents, which matched the blood alcohol levels of injured drivers with details from police reports, found drug-free drivers caused the accidents in 53.5 per cent of cases. Injured drivers with a blood-alcohol concentration of more than 0.05 per cent were culpable in nearly 90 per cent of accidents they were involved in. Drivers with cannabis in their blood were less likely to cause an accident, with a culpability rate of 50.6 per cent. The study has policy implications for those who argue drug detection should be anew focus for road safety. Dr White said the study showed the importance of concentrating efforts on alcohol rather than other drugs.

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Facts don't matter any more. And when you have the very national non profit organizations that are supposed to be helping pass useful legislation for us patients that has clauses in them that make a driver guilty of a dui with only a 5ng cutoff point, they're just going to make more of us patients into criminals. Don't donate to NORML and some of these other national groups. They have an alterior motive and its not your health and well being.


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I have driven high for over 10 years and have 0 accidents on my record... When I am high I slow down, am less aggressive, and more aware (defensive) than when I am not high. Matter of fact, my last driving violation was over 6 years ago for speeding, and guess what??? I was NOT high when I was speeding...

I am much less of a risk taker when I am high and driving and I am more relaxed and just go with the flow.
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