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Cannabis and Hemp: Why is it Still an Issue?

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Cannabis and Hemp are two useful plants that have garnered a lot of attention. Cannabis can be used for medicine. It can be used recreationally, religiously, or in ceremonies. Hemp can be used for making rope, clothing, paper, food, fuel and shelter. There are companies that will build you a house made mostly of Hemp. Henry Ford made a car out of Hemp. Its fiber is one of the strongest natural fibers known to man. It can also be eaten, and is very nutritious. The Hemp plant offers only .03% THC, making it impossible for recreational purposes. There are no known deaths recorded that can be attributed to Cannabis alone.

Knowing this, one has to wonder: Why is there so much controversy surrounding these two plants? Why is there so much argument? The state and federal governments will throw you in jail for possession of Cannabis, and will not allow you to grow Hemp. All Hemp has to be imported into the U.S., at a cost of some 30 Billion a year. These plants have been around for a long time, a person would think that their usage would be a normal thing. In 70 B.C. Roman Emperor Nero's surgeon, Dioscorides, praised Cannabis for making the stoutest cords and for its medicinal properties. In 1150 A.D. Moslems used Hemp to start Europe's first paper mill. Most of the paper was made from Hemp for the next 750 years, including Bibles. Hemp was not an issue, it was simply another plant to be used.

Even all those years ago, there were those who violently opposed both plants. In 1379 A.D. Emir Soudon Sheikhouni of Joneima prohibited Cannabis consumption among the poor, destroyed their crops, and punished offenders by pulling out their teeth. Today, you get to keep your teeth, but not your liberty. In 1944, Henry Anslinger threatened doctors who carried out Cannabis research with imprisonment. As we all know, Cannabis was given the federal boot in 1937, no thanks to Anslinger. There are many more examples between 12,000 B.C. and now, I won’t list them all here. (Cannabis Facts) Suffice to say, Cannabis and Hemp have caused quite a commotion, and it is serious business.

So where does this controversy stem from? The federal government and all but 16 states want you to believe that Cannabis and Hemp are dangerous, addictive, and bad for society as a whole. They dedicate resources and allocate money to attempt to brain wash every American. Reefer madness abounds, and it’s 2011! The government makes money and creates jobs through prohibition. Not necessarily the right jobs, but by keeping Cannabis and Hemp illegal, they have job security. And yet, prohibition is against what this country stands for. In December of 1840, Abraham Lincoln said this:

"Prohibition... goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control man's appetite through legislation and makes a crime out of things that are not even crimes... A prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our Government was founded.”

Even with these facts, and the knowledge that over 70% of Americans believe that Cannabis should be legalized for medicinal use, the federal government refuses to end the prohibition of Cannabis and Hemp. I believe we have bigger problems than Cannabis and Hemp. Instead of fighting a war on citizens, we should be focusing on our economy and our schools. I think it’s time the federal government lived up to its promise of greatness. They need to listen to the wisdom of the Founding Fathers, and end this war on citizens.

Thankfully, throughout the years, there have been Cannabis and Hemp activists. Rob Griffin has spent the last 20 years of his life dedicated to the legalization of Cannabis and Hemp. He is the President and Editor of 420 Magazine. Jack Herer, Rob's mentor penned the book The Emperor Wears No Clothes. Marc Emery is another well- known activist, currently wading through a 5 year prison sentence. It’s because of people such as this, as well as the thousands of unsung heroes who actively promote Cannabis and Hemp, that we have 16 States plus the District of Columbia with medical Marijuana laws.

These states are:
Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, and Delaware.

Some states are easier on their laws, others are quite restrictive. Maine does not accept chronic or severe pain as a reason for a Cannabis prescription or recommendation. The rest of the states do.

There are currently 10 states with pending medical Marijuana bills before the House and the Senate.

These are:
Alabama, with HB 386.
Connecticut seems to have the most comprehensive bills, with HB’s 5139,5900, 6566, and SB’s 329, 345, 1015.
Idaho is proposing HB 19.
Illinois is working on HB 0030.
Maryland is considering HB 291 and SB 308.
Massachusetts has HB 625, as well as SB 1161.
New Hampshire has HB 442.
New York has S2774 in their sights.
North Carolina, with HB 577.

We have all heard of the recent federal raids, in many states, along with the warnings from various state Attorney Generals. We also know that in February of this year, the DEA gave four pharmaceutical companies the OK to grow Cannabis for medicine. They re-scheduled it for them. It’s a double standard that needs to be fixed. That fix is coming, thanks to activists.

The next time someone questions your opinion of Cannabis and Hemp, don’t be afraid to tell them the truth. They are wonderful plants. Hemp replenishes the soil it grows in and is resistant to pests. It takes less water per acre to grow Hemp than Cotton. Cannabis has many medical uses, an important one being Cancer. With so many positive aspects of these two plants, and no known negative ones, isn’t it the right time to stop jailing people for their choices, and begin to accept these as a regular part of society? 70% of Americans say Yes.

Author: Jacob Ebel
420 Magazine Staff Journalist
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Julie Gardener

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Great article Jacob. Agreed all the way. Looking forward to seeing these other states joining in very soon!

Especially love this...

"Prohibition... goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control mans' appetite through legislation and makes a crime out of things that are not even crimes... A prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our Government was founded." ~ Abraham Linclon

420 News

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Thank You Julie! I enjoyed writing it :) I love that quote. It's totally true. Just goes to show, the fed gov. was never about telling people what to do. They have over stepped their bounds in huge ways, and it's going to end soon, I hope.


On Vacation
Oh,i've just known this after reading this article! I think grow hemp and cannabis can help doctors to save patients. And i think cannabis can grow indoor and greenhouse if you use LED grow light.
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420 Warrior

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Nice article brother :adore:

I think I saw some fine points in their that would look great in a flier especially that quote by ole honest Abe! :bravo:

You managed to hit right on the head on how I think about how the establishment but you managed your anger with them way better than I could where as I cant help but get all worked up into a bitter rant talking about their seemingly unending desire to ruin good people's lives.

+420 reps for keeping a cool head and a clear message. :adore::goodjob::welldone::Namaste:

By the way, My home town of Columbus GA is just right across the river from Phoenix city Alabama so if their HB passes, guess where I'll be moving too? Hmm...maybe a job as a co-op grower or working in a dispensary or both...please, please, PLEASE! push that bill through Alabama!!!

Another thing I've read somewhere is the fact that the south eastern states have an almost ideal climate for industrial hemp with periods of drought and spotty rain in summer months that reeks havoc on cotton production where as hemp would flourish. Also, a lot of places I know of my self here in GA have a near perfect sandy soil for growing industrial hemp as well.

Just think of all the revenue that could be collected by all this farm land with ideal conditions around here and all the outsourcing that could be avoided as well...hmm, Y'all think we're being shafted?!!!!

Thank's for the great read my brother :thanks::welldone:

420 Motoco

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IF Cannabis concentrate oil extract was a cure all med...what would the big Pharm's do? how would that impact the Medical field? Why would our G let people suffer with Cancers & other diseases instead of using natures best med known to mankind? Why would our G stop all research on mj? Why would the G lie about everything about MJ when in fact (new research) its complete opposite? Why would the G still insist MJ has no medical value? Why with the new research test show astounding results on the Cannabinoids & Dr.s coming forth with patients that have been cured of Cancer & testify the G still insist MJ has no medical value....its all about 'special interest' money, greed & more greed. G officials line their pockets and are completely dishonest. Now they shovel it down our throats and don't care what the citizens think....They know whats good for them & do not give a hoot about the Citizens. Just my opinion
btw 80% of the Pharms profit is Cancer related meds...oh oh. We need change :thumb:

Great post OP !


New Member
The problem is and always has been from the prohibition perspective. Both plants are from the Cannabis Genus and Sativa species. Since it is basically the same plant from a botanical and casual observation standpoint the government had no choice in their warped view but to outlaw both at the same time. It was absolutely a case of throwing the baby out with the bath water...only in this case it was all babies and No bath water. They eliminated a historically important crop in the United States because of a fabricated fear of people getting intoxicated. There was also a decidedly racist reason for enacting these laws. I have always wondered about man's historical involvement in the development of the psychoactive and medical agents in marijuana. Obviously at some point man realized that there were sub-species and varieties within the genus that smelled different and grew different and had a psychoactive property to it. They obviously worked to isolate those varieties and then developed methods to concentrate those active ingredients They did this in a common sense... to them... fashion that resulted in the medical properties that they desired. I would believe that these would have been curative efforts in this very early stage, as man didn't have a lot of free time on their hands for recreational activities. Once they developed either varieties or produced concentrates that were medically effective my belief is that they then produce quantities for trade and barter. To these true pioneers in the field of weed and concentrate development I offer my heartfelt thanks and my sincere respect. As a self proclaimed observer of all things in nature human, animal and especially plants,... I would have loved to have been there when some early caveman or village curer found this wonderful subspecies that offered help to his people. But the bottom line today is that LE cannot tell them apart with a casual look so they make it all illegal alike! Best of luck in all you grow!


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Why is it still an issue?

There are so many reasons, none valid or even logical but, there is one main cause behind the majority of the opposition today. MONEY!!

From the DEA all the way down to your local narcotics division of the police, from the judge to the ADA, from the prison guards to the privatized "for profit" prisons they work in, it's all money! In a very real way, all of the proponents of MMJ and legalization are taking the food off of their plates. What are these millions, literally, of employees going to do without a job? Then there is big pharma (the largest grossing industry in the US), the alcohol industry (another of the top $$$ industries) & once again privatized, for-profit prisons (another top income producer & the fastest growing market in the US) will all lose MONEY! The pharmaceutical industry faces losing their number one seller, anti-depressants! Alcohol sales are already slumping in Colorado due to it's recreational marijuana sales environment. And, YES crime is down, felony charges for possession of marijuana are gone which previously accounted for over 30% of convictions. All those industries and more lost billions to marijuana in 2015, it'll be more next year!!!!

I don't think that historical facts and science are going to do a damned thing about getting marijuana legalized. They just don't care. It isn't a moral or scientific issue to them, just business.

Don't get me wrong, I'm an avid proponent of legalization nationwide, I just see the people involved as victims on both sides. The big money interests represented by our federal government and the moral majority are the heart of the problem.
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