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Cannabis and the chakra system

Sister Vee

Why is the chakra system so important?

It is interesting to note, that the main control structure for our entire chakra system is found in the Endocrine system, our hormone system. Throughout this book we will examine the regulating role of the EC system over the human hormone system. By stimulating and balancing the endocrine system we can open up our spiritual chakras. Chakras are not physical organs in our body but rather universal elements of spirituality. It is no co-incidence that each of the seven main internal chakras is naturally aligned to a ductless Endocrine gland.

By consuming Cannabis we create expanded space for energy to flow freely in the chakras as well as in the physical body; this clears blockages and effects healing. The balancing and unblocking of chakras has been the ethos of Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. Even under Emperor Shen Neng (2737 BC) Cannabis was first on the list of Chinese medicines amongst other conditions to treat gout, malaria, rheumatism and forgetfulness.

This is why I believe that Eastern herbalists have been healing with Cannabis for millennia, because they’ve always known that Cannabis can help us to open and unblock our chakras and this is a prerequisite of healing. Herbal medicine often works better than man-made drugs, because all plants work with our chakra system, but only Cannabis can open our chakras up to vibrate to the frequency of 432 Hz which the frequency of love, harmony, the earth and the human body, and of course Cannabis itself. This is the frequency of balance, where healing takes place. Most people do not even know that we have a chakra system, let alone where it is situated or what seals to open or what colours to use in order to activate each chakra, in order to heal ourselves.

By learning to work with our chakras, we can enable ourselves to access certain states of ecstasy, increased use of our brains, slowing down of the ageing process and even experiencing ever-lasting life as some believe. You could say that our chakras are really just body parts we were never taught we have. For a lot people the EC system is also just another body part we were never told about.
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