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Cannabis Bill Becomes Law In South Carolina

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Good news for the thousands of people living with epilepsy in the South Carolina as a bill legalizing treatment in the form of cannabis oil, becomes law. Harriett Hilton of Beaufort has been pushing for this bill since the beginning of the year--and now its come full-circle as governor Nikki haley made it legal to prescribe and use cannabis oil. Hilton's granddaughter, Mary-Louise has epilepsy and she hopes this new law will make it easier to try this treatment. "My granddaughter Mary-Louise has intractable epilepsy and can suffer up to 200 seizures an hour with no medicine." Now, Mary-Louise is one step closer to getting a treatment that could help her epilepsy.

Thanks to Governor Nikki Haley legalizing it, but Hilton says-- even so-- she's disappointed in the lack of support from the governor. "She did not veto it and we are all very happy about that, but I think that more than anything else the process of this bill has shown that without executive support, legislators that are willing to take a stand and concerned citizens can make a change and a difference." The bill allows doctors to prescribe the medicine and provides a safe-haven for patients to have CBD oil in the state. But there's still an issue. "The problem right now is that we may have it in South Carolina we cannot cross state lines to bring it in according to most federal laws"

Hilton says this is extremely important because it can help thousands in the palmetto state that are suffering and the fight's not over. "We've got a lot more to do, Senator Tom Davis has already sent out emails about getting the study commission in place that will look into what still needs to be done next year and help educate and promote that." Hilton says she's hopeful this law will allow for clinical trials to take place in the palmetto state so Mary Louise may get this treatment.


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