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Cannabis breeding?


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If one was to buy some beans of a certain strain they like and instead of throwing out all the males, keep one healthy male and pair it with one healthy female(Canna-Goddess) Then isolate them away from the other flowering Canna-Goddesses, give them a "lover's suite" and let them do their thing...Would the seeds that they make be good seeds that one could use in the future?

If so, how many seeds would this produce? Does anyone know or have they ever tried this before?



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You would have great seeds and they would all be close to the same size and grow pretty close the same way.
A healthy female pollinated at the peak time is capable of producing 100's to 1000's of viable seeds. It depends on the amount of pollen, pistals and how well they adhere to each other. lol


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It all depends on how pure the seeds were to begin with. If they are high quality seeds you should get high quality seeds in return. But in the other hand you could come up with many different pheno types that might produce plants that are not as good as the originals. Each strain has a number a pheno's all ready, some with more desirable traits than other pheno's. When you breed the plant one of the pheno's that you use could posess these less desirable traits, these traits could be dominant over the desirable traits possessed by the other plant. One breeding could have many different pheno's come out of it. This is why you pay 100's of dollars for good seeds, the breeder has bread out the less desirable traits through growing 1000's of plants to find the 2 with the desirable traits that they are looking for, these traits could be color, smell, taste, yield, how tall or short the plant is, ect ect. Breeding is a complicated thing to do really well, but you have to start some where so. . . .

Give it a shot. Just make sure you tend to those plants last, if you check out the mating room first you risk moving pollen to other plants and instead of producing buds they will want to produce seeds once the pollen is introduced. You can femenize the seeds by making a female a hermaphrodite and mating it with a non hermaphrodite plant. I think this can cause problems with in the offspring though.

Breed and let us know how the new plants come out, then you will know for sure.


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Not a problem.
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