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Cannabis Business Expo Coming To Tacoma Dome

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A marijuana industry trade show is coming to Tacoma this summer because, as Texas-based show promoter Eric Norton says, “Colorado is yesterday’s news.”

The Cannabis Business Expo will be held July 20-21 at the Tacoma Dome. The show’s intent is to connect people and companies in the medical and recreational cannabis industries and will feature business vendors, speakers and exhibitors. Tickets are $299.

Norton has experience putting on oil and gas trade shows. This is the first cannabis themed trade show for his company, Imperious.

He chose Washington because of several factors.

“It’s quite obvious that Washington is the emerging market in our country,” Norton said. He bases that on the state’s population, as well as surrounding states and provinces.

Norton plans to hold expos in other states where marijuana is legal.

“As a businessman, I learned how to focus on emerging markets in oil and gas. I learned how to chase gold booms,” Norton said.

That no longer includes Colorado. “They flooded the market with people who didn’t know what they were doing.”

Norton praised the Washington marijuana industry professionals he has dealt with.

“They’re innovators. They’re business-minded. They’re looking long-term,” Norton said.

This isn’t the first marijuana business expo at the Dome. CannaCon was held in August 2014. In August 2015, the NW Cannabis Classic was held at the Tacoma Armory.

CannaCon moved to Seattle in 2015. This year’s CannaCon will be held Feb. 18-20.

The two-day Cannabis Business Expo in Tacoma will have speakers that include:

▪ Eric Brandstad of Forever Flowering Greenhouses, Grass Valley, California, will speak about greenhouse lighting efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint of cannabis operations. He will discuss cultivation laws.

▪ Cultivation consultant Jennifer Martin of Cultivation Sector, Makawao, Hawaii, will discuss indoor cultivation systems.

▪ Nathan Mendel of Your Green Contractor, Denver, will speak about construction of legal marijuana facilities and the application process.

Other speakers will cover cultivation, growing mediums, insurance, legalities, licensing, sustainability and water.

For information, see Imperious Expo + Directory – Cannabis Business Expo, Seattle, WA | July 2016.

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