Cannabis Buyers' Club Raided


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The Cannabis Buyers' Club of Canada says its "baking location" in downtown Victoria was raided by police yesterday afternoon.

One person was arrested, spokeswoman Kristen Mann said in an interview.

Victoria police confirmed the raid took place.

Mann declined to provide an address for the bakery, but said it's located in a residential area. The club uses the location to prepare edible cannabis creations for about 3,000 people with physical disabilities or medical ailments such as cancer, she said. The club plans to hold a press conference this morning.

Meanwhile, the RCMP raided a residence in Nanaimo yesterday, seizing 54 marijuana plants, 55 kilograms of drying marijuana and $2,650.

A 44-year-old woman and 50-year-old man face charges.

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Nothing warms the heart more going into the holiday season.

Seeing regular folks getting arrested while trying to ease the suffering of others.

What a proud day for the RCMP.

Gangs proliferating with no relief in sight,white collar crime wiping out peoples
life savings,etc,etc. I guess if you just keep arresting cannabis users then you don't have to worry about anything else.

Maybe if they just keep ignoring the other crimes they'll just go away.


With all the image problems facing the RCMP these days you would think they'd be a little more careful.Then again,these are the same guys that issued a ticket to a protester at a rally for a biker(a guy that rode a bike,not the gangster kind,santa rally excepted) killed by a drunk constable(the same one that led the infamous Dziekanski raid)for riding his bike on the sidewalk.He was walking it toward the road from what I could see but the motor may have been running.This raid was just another lame attempt by the Canadian cops to try to assert some control over the one aspect of marijuana in the country that isn't run by gangs of bloodthirsty criminals.I guess it's a lot safer that way.It's also pathetic and against the will of the majority of the Canadian people.Like a whole lot of what these cowboys are up to these days.


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They are cowards who go after the least threat... why would they go after hard crimminals when they can arrest old people with no fuss. God for bid if they had to do real police working putting hardened criminals behind bars.

Have a great Christmas RCMP!
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