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Cannabis Coffee Offers A Buzz With Your Morning Jolt

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Coffee is one of the most consumed drinks in the world and with your jolt of caffeine, you may also get a little buzz. And as marijuana becomes legal in more and more states, the cannabis industry is looking for new ways to cash in.

You can’t find these coffee pods at the grocery store.

Brew Budz makes K-cups filled with coffee, cocoa and teas infused with cannabis oil out of a factory in Las Vegas.

“People are very ritualistic about their cannabis consumption, they can bring them together in a very discreet easy form to consume cannabis,” said Jeffry Paul.

Recreational and medicinal marijuana is now legal in 29 states and the District of Columbia. That’s led to a billion dollar market, including edibles.

A variety of companies are now offering cannabis coffee or tea that fits right into your Keurig or traditional coffee maker.

So will drinking it make you high?

“Yes, you will,” said Gangja Grindz CEO Chris Haze. “What we’ve got is a 10 mg it’s a very light dose.”

In Orange County, Ganja Grindz makes cannabis-laced coffee filters, K-Cups and cold coffee and tea drinks. Haze said the business has grown 600 percent in the last year.

“And there’s virtually no smell,” Haze added. “When you put the product into things they are familiar with, you remove the smell, you remove the visual representation of cannabis. It takes a lot of fear out of using a cannabis product.”

Emma Pietrzak likes to drink the tea and it’s become a part of her nightly routine.

“It gives me some focus when I go to sleep, it really helps settle my mind and relax my body,” she said.

But enjoying a cup isn’t cheap. Brew Budz’s K-Cups cost $7 a piece. The federal government still says marijuana is illegal. These products are only available in some states where cannabis is legal.


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