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Cannabis companion plants to keep pests in check!


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Today i have some extra time so i decided to compile all the useful plants you could keep around cannabis in order to keep pests at bay. I guess this will be more useful to outdoor growers, but cant hurt to keep some in the pot inside :) So below ill put the names of the plants, and pests that repel, also ill try focus more on plants that are common and easy to obtain. Hope this helps because prevention is better than cure ;)

So lets go:

GARLIC: Repels almost all, especially root maggot, rabbits

CORIANDER: Repels aphids and spider mites

CHAMOMILE: Repels most of the flying insects

CLOVERS: Repels aphids and wireworms

THYME: Repels whiteflies

PEPPERMINT: Repels aphids and whiteflies

ROSEMARY: Repels slugs and snails

PETUNIAS: Repels aphids and leafhoppers

OREGANO: Repels most insects

NARCISSUS: Repels moles

FENNEL: Repels slugs, snails and aphids

DAHLIAS: Repels nematodes

CITROSA: Repels most insects including mosquitoes

CROWN IMPERIAL: Repels most vermin such as mice, squirrels, moles, rabbits...

CATNIP: Repels ants and aphids

SPEARMINT: Repels ants, aphids, rodents

LAVENDER: Repels most flying insects including mosquitoes

CHRYSANTHEMUMS: Repels root knot nematodes and ants

FRENCH MARIGOLD: Repels whiteflies and kills nematodes

TANSY: Repels ants, cutworms and flies

Annnnddd if you wanna go exotic you could always get Miss Venus Flytrap to eat all of those :D

Hope this was helpful, i will also be adding more if requested, you name the pest ill name the plant, so lets play a game :)


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Thanks for this great post.

Do you have any info on nasturtiums (good companions generally) and nettles, or on plants that don't go well with weed?


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You are welcome :)

As for Nasturtiums, its a great edible plant but im not sure i would keep it in the same soil as cannabis, as both are very similar in needs but Nasturtiums grows well only in very poor soil and wont flower in shade, Nettles on the other hand are very resilient and adaptable, and there are not many pests that would come near it :) Also Nettles have great health benefits: There is lots of both fresh and dried recipes for cooking, its great as antioxidant, and if you are brave enough and can endure stinging and itching you can use it in its raw form for all sorts of pain from back pain, to joint problems, works better even than some meds :)

Now what you should avoid planting near cannabis is mainly plants and veggies that attract most pests, flowers that produce sweet sap, like for example: cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes...those attract all sorts of insects that like to harm cannabis too.

What you should keep in mind is that cannabis is a mighty weed, but at the end of the day it is a weed, it can share a garden with anything as long as you manage it well :) if you do want to keep other plants that insects like you can, just make sure to have some plants that repel harmful insects and learn to love your ladybugs, wasps, and spiders :) Plus you could always keep some insecticide or soap water as a backup :)
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