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Cannabis Cooking Pain Relief Recipes.

Frog Godbee

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Just curious as to any special recipes some people might have for pain releif... Never know what people might know :)
I will start with one for joint pain..
Basically you just turn normal butter into green hemp butter like you would for making cookies.. then make a mix of 50% hemp butter 50% moisturiser and rub it into the sore area... It wont get you stoned unless you rubbed it on your lips or something, so its good for old ladies or people who dont want to get high... I actually make some for my nana so she can still play lawn bowls n have a good life :)
to make it stronger you just keep running more n more leaf (or buds)thru your butter as many times as u like until its black, usually tastes a bit crap for makin cookies but bloody strong and excellent for strong 'Hemp Pain Cream'
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