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Cannabis Elixir

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Cannabis Elixir​

This is a re-creation of an old remedy from the 1800’s. It involves suspending the cannabinoids in sugar syrup in what is known as a micellized solution. This is a very easy process similar to making candy but one should use care when evaporating alcohol (a distillation device makes this part very nice).

To begin, thoroughly dry the herb to be used and make a strong tincture (190 proof is best). Grind it to a powder and then just cover with alcohol and let it stand somewhere dark for a couple weeks. After this is done strain the alcohol from the herb and save it. The herb is now spent and can be thrown out. Place the tincture in a double boiler over ELECTRIC heat and reduce the volume in half. After this add ½ the remaining volume of tincture in honey or some other syrup and 4-6 vitamin E caps (e.g.: if you have 2 quarts of tincture after reducing you would add 1 quart of honey). This is when you can add other herb tinctures and flavors (I use a root beer flavor base). Continue to reduce the volume with constant stirring until you have nearly boiled it down to the original volume of syrup that you began with. Let this cool and bottle in dark glass, then store in the refrigerator. Depending on the original strength of the herb, the dosage should be between a teaspoon and a couple tablespoons.

This basic recipe can be used to create an elixir from any tincture and the basic cannabis elixir can be modified for specific ailments. For example, adding syrup of elderberry makes this without a doubt the most effective treatment for influenza that exists. Kava can be added for greater pain control and sedation. With a little study of herbal medicine you can customize the blend for specific ailments. There are many uses for this syrup, but my family has come to rely on it as our sole treatment for colds and flu when made with elderberry and cats claw.

James Freire, M.A.

Warning: Always use caution when preparing this recipe. Please use caution and educate yourself before taking any medications as everyone reacts differently.

Alcohol is highly flammable and heat needs to be used safely to prevent the risk of fire
- no one should attempt this method of extraction while under the influence
-the use of electric heat is recommended (specified) over gas, because electric heat is not instant on, and the peripheral heat zone from an electric source is much smaller
- the use of a double broiler is recommended so as to provide a secondary degree of isolation between the flammable and the heat source
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I have made tincture before! I never thought to mix it in honey! So simple but so brilliant! Thank you!!!

Some people say decarboxylation of the plant matter is a good idea first.. However, I only do this to HALF of the plant matter, as I wish to retain some of the cannabinoid variety.

I let it air evaporate half way, I am terrified of using high heats on alcohol.. Though I think I remember hearing that holding the glass (container you use may not be glass) in boiling water is a way to control the temperature... So it cant get hotter than boiling water... I am mixed about using the vent over my stove though... I heard sometimes vents run past wires for the fans and such, which could be a risk since this is a flammable solvent... Just my two cents, be safe everyone!

ADDED EDIT!: I feel it is important to mention that tinctures of alcohol CAN make your stomach upset if you ingest to much. It IS alcohol, and being a polar-solvent will take chlorophyll out of plant matter... So try to make it as POTENT as possible. Mine was around a dropper full to feel it. It takes time, and wont "knock you down" like smoking. It will be a body high for those of you with high tolerance, and more take care of symptoms than get you crazy stoned. Also, sub lingual absorption seems to work best, though it is unpleasant.
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