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Cannabis Flavonoid Derivative Kills Pancreatic Cancer Cells, Increases Survival


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Study on cannabis chemical as a treatment for pancreatic cancer may have 'major impact,' Harvard researcher says

This is a major finding. Pancreatic cancer is a vicious killer.

Flavonoid Derivative of Cannabis Demonstrates Therapeutic Potential in Preclinical Models of Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer

The treatment works on both locally treated tumors and those not treated in a distant tumors and works with or without radiotherapy.

Cited by this study are other studies on the use of cannabinoids in treating cancer.

The five year survival rate for pancreatic cancer is 8%. Anything that potentially increases survival and quality of life in this resistant-to-treatment cancer is a major breakthrough.

I want to be sure @SweetSue sees this.


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Well..... no medical applications, eh? Any day now we can drop the lie and turn our researchers loose on human patients.

Someday. I refuse to hold to any other expectation than that cannabis take its rightful spot in the healing arts.

Thanks Alafornia. Good reading between the writing. :5:
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