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cannabis for chemotherapy


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Marijuana as medicine: Consider the pros and cons - MayoClinic.com

^^ Not a personal testimony, but Mayo is very much a respected cancer hospital. If they are examining the pro's of MMJ, it means we are making headway.

Peter McWilliams' Account

^^ Personal account of Peter McWilliams, a well-respected advocate of MMJ who used it to treat nausea.

Earnest Rosenbaum, M.D. Pleading

^^ An M.D. who found that marijuana was effective in treating nausea and vomiting in his patients.

The Fran Zabloudil Story

^^ Personal account of a man who used marijuana instead of medicine to treat his symptoms of epilepsy.

That's all I've got for now. Let me know if this is the kind of stuff you are looking for, and I will proceed to search.
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