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Cannabis Grower Happy To See His Marijuana Hit Local Shelves

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Robert Vernon of Elk is the latest pot grower in the Inland Northwest. He's been growing marijuana for decades but now that his product is hitting local store shelves he calls the experience surreal. Bobby's Bodacious Buds is only the second grower in Pend Oreille County and their product finally hit store shelves Friday. We all had dreams of what we wanted to be as child, but very few of us can say we wanted to legally grow and sell weed. But that's exactly what Vernon is doing, as owner of Triple-B Farms. Marijuana has been a part of his life for 40 years.

"Some of my first memories are growing marijuana plants," he said. "I've been doing it since I was a little kid." Now he says he finally feels free. "I've seen things change from being so secretive you were afraid to leave the house to now, today, I'm selling marijuana in a retail store," he said. Vernon is not afraid to be open about his past; he says he not only accepts the criticism, but invites it. "I invite discussion on both sides. The truth is we have more in common than anyone would imagine, none of us want kids to have marijuana. 21 and over," he said.

So far his product is exclusively at the pot retailer Satori, and employees say, people have already returned to repurchase. "A lot of repeat customers, people who buy one gram and they try six or seven grams," Logan McDermott said. Though he may not be the very first local grower, Vernon calls himself a pioneer of the industry. "I'm growing in a greenhouse, with a blackout system. All the marijuana you see on the shelf today had no artificial lights to make it bloom, no pesticides," he said. As of now Bobby's Bodacious Buds has 23 strains in works but Vernon said he's just getting started. "We're the ones that are going to produce the most we're the ones that are going to be having the best grass out there," he said.

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