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Cannabis growing too tall


Hey guys,
i have a problem with the height of the plant that i am currently growing. I am in the early flowering stage, my plant has some pistils but thats it. Two weeks ago i turned the lights to 12/12 and since then it has grown so much. I know that this is what is supposed to happen but i no longer want it to grow taller due to limited space. I am thinking of doing low stress training but i would like someone who knows their way though growing cannabis to enlighten me with the best technique i can use.


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I usually use a combination of methods.

-Supercropping is a handy tool to have in the arsenal if you’re doing any sort of training. Basically it means crushing and twisting the plant stem until it goes fairly limp. Not only does this slow the plant down in the supercropped area, it also eventually makes it stronger, and it also makes the stems temporarily pliable, so you can bend them in particular directions for training purposes without breaking them. It’s a precursor for any sort of extreme bending.

I usually start by supercropping and training the branches to bring the height down a little, and spread into an even canopy shape.

You can also (with care) bend the entire main stem 90° at almost any point.

Another favourite method when they get out of hand is to squash a screen down over them. Aka scrogging.
Another variation on this is to use a tomato cage. You can easily lower plant by 8- 12” just by doing this and make it much more trainable in the future.

In dire emergencies you can also do things like keep the pot size too small, and a few other tricks. But most can simply be trained.

I’ve had all sorts of overtly tall plants skyrocketing towards my ceiling and so far I haven’t found any that couldn’t be stopped, with enough effort.


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Sounds like your best bet is Supercropping, i agree with the ones above :D

I myself have done it since i first started growing just last year. Its amazing how strongly this plant can rebound from abuse, dont be afraid to squish up a good inch of stem, all around. Once its squishy go ahead and start bending it back and forth, each time bending a bit further and further. It'll give way without snapping as long as you squished it up nicely. I personally like to keep my fingers in the area i squished up, so i can kinda feel whats going on and assure the stem isnt completely breaking, as i bend it. From there you can use some garden string to hold it up in place so it doesnt fall to the ground. Or however else you choose to hold it in its new place, hopefully a good 6 inches or more lower than before. You choose how far down to bend it depending on how much space you're trying to free up above.

If you need any other examples, just check out any of my grows below. I've supercropped in all of them i believe.
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