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Cannabis infused coconut oil: advice?


Hey all so I have dried and cured (to a certain extent) my little harvest.

I kept it in a wine fridge for over 2 weeks now in paper bags with the temp set to 55F. I've been able to achieve consistent 59-60% humidity

Does anyone have a tried and true method they can recommend or link to for infused coconut oil?

My goal is high THC count, I don't care about CBD really.

My research so far teaches me the following idea:

1. Decarb in the oven on a baking sheet for 30 mins at 240F

Challenge: right now I have my oven at 240 (convection) for a good 20 mins with a pyrex dish of water to try and get a read on what the actual temperature will be, and the water is reaching a max temp of 156F - is this normal, will I get good decarb?

2. Cook in a ceramic slow cooker for 4 hours in a jar submerged in water with a teatowel lining the bottom. Stir every 30 mins

Challenge: water in my slow cooker is so far reading ~125F on low after 20 mins, and rising. It's rated for ~180F on low, and 270F on high. I'm guessing that the low setting is the way to go? Also, I read that I could skip the oven decarb above by merely extending this slow cooking time to 8hrs. Does that sound right, or am I risking a high-CBD/low-thc outcome if I do that?

Also: this is probably the smallest slow cooker ever, it literally will only hold 1 jar. Would it be better to forgo the jar and just dump the ingredients right in the ceramic bowl? I'd like to not have to be monitoring and stirring every 5 minutes ahah. Which seemed to be necessary with the methods where the oil is right in the actual cooker itself.

3. Strain, add a bit of lecithin, let cool

Challenge: I don't have any cheesecloth, but I do have a nice coffee press that Im itching to use for this after reading that I might be able to extract a greater amount of the oil than other methods - opinions here?

4. Use the leftover pulp in edible baking

Challenge: anyone have any recipies? I could have sworn someone (maybe Sue?) had a link for that, but I can't for the life of me find it again

Thanks for any tips/tricks or even just links to great results recipies :)


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Personally, I decarb in the oven at 230F for 110 minutes. Then, I melt the coconut oil in a mini-crockpot, add the amount of decarbed bud I want, which for me is almost always 20 grams infused into 125 ml of oil. I heat on low for 3 hours, stirring every half hour or so and in the last half hour, I add 1 tablespoon of liquid sunflower lecithin, which will help make the cannabinoids in the bud more bio-available.

When the 3 hours is up, strain your material with whatever method you use and that's it. The oil you have left is infused with your bud.


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When I did it I decarbed in mason jars in a pressure cooker lol No smell. 45 mins. It then went into a crockpot on low for 12 hours with Lecithin. Stirring every couple hours. Then strain the heck out of it. A press would help but I used silicon gloves and cloths. Fridge it and turf the crud. I then filled lots of capsules once it cools enough to not melt them. lesson learned. lol
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