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Cannabis Minister Craig X Rubin Gives American Churches Warning After Conviction

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
“I live in the City of Angels where the Mayor cheats on his wife, the City Attorney cheats the tax payers and I teach the Word of God and the love of Jesus and I am being sent to prison for several years,” says Rev. Craig X Rubin. I love my country, but I love God more and I must teach the Truth that Jesus proclaimed a Kingdom not a religion. The Truth is that Jesus is Messiah. He was born of a virgin and rose from the dead. The Law and the prophets spoke the Word of God and all the prophecies of the Bible will come to pass and that is all that our temple taught.

“My name is Rev. Craig X Rubin. I was ordained by the Universal Life Church 17 years ago. A church that will ordain anyone for free, not for a fee as the AP (Associated Press) is reporting. Everyone, the prosecutors and press, seem to be making a big deal out of the fact that anyone can become ordained to marry people in the name of God by this church. I love God; always have and always will. As far as I am concerned I don’t need to be ordained by anyone to teach the Word of God. His Law is written in my heart and I have not broken it. Abraham Lincoln was a self-taught lawyer and no one would say he was a bad lawyer. My great-grandfather was a rabbi who founded the first temple in Toronto. It is in my blood to teach God’s Word, so it should not be important which church ordained me.

“I don’t feel one ounce of remorse for the crime I am about to go to jail for. In fact, I continued to commit my supposed crime for 9 months after my arrest and no person’s health or safety in the State of California was compromised. My only crime is wanting to reach people of my community, stoners (the 420 Nation) with the Word of God. I never talked anyone into smoking pot. I taught them that God created this wonderful plant and that they should study the Word of God as known through the Bible to know the will of God. I am now going to be taken from our society and my seven children, all of whom live at home, for many years for my faith that cannabis is the Tree of Life. My wife and I had no presumption of innocence as this country proclaims. We had our life savings seized and lost our house all because we started a church.

“This is my warning to fellow Christians in America. If you didn’t stand up for my church when they came in with shotguns and kicked down my church doors, when they took the names of my church members and kept them from us, took our U.S. federal mail, seized my wife’s and my life’s savings without a conviction of any kind (and we have no criminal record) than I ask you…who will stand up for your church when the federal government comes marching in because you are teaching that God created all the plants on the third day; Or when you teach the Book of Revelation…who will stand up for you? I never changed one word from the Book of Revelation and now I am going to be spending years in jail for my faith that the Book is inspired by Jesus Christ.

“In my case the judge ruled that I was not allowed to mention the federal law or the Constitution to the jury because it might confuse them. I was not allowed to give the jury a copy of the Bible. They might actually think we had rights in this country. The prosecutor, Bob Chen, even objected when I told the jury that inalienable rights were not given to us by the government, but they came from God. I am a Jew who came to know that Jesus was the Messiah, but I am still a Jew. I can no longer make Aliyah, the Jewish right of return, to Israel a land I have prayed for my whole life. It was my prayer and still is that one day I’ll live there near Jerusalem and I will be able to visit the Holy City often. Currently, the country of Israel won’t accept me anymore because I am a Jew who puts faith in the fact that Jesus was the Messiah. The funny thing is I feel more Jewish than ever now that I believe in Jesus and I know the Law and the prophets more intimately.

“My only request of my fellow followers of Christ is that you pray for my children during this hour of struggle for my family. Lastly, since this will be my last comment for a while is that you recognize I didn’t go fishing for Christians in an aquarium when I started my church. I went to Hollywood - a city with more sin than Las Vegas. I reached the homeless, people in the business of pornography, prostitution; I didn’t try and steal Christians from other people’s churches. I went to people who didn’t have God in their lives and I taught them the Bible, the Word of God, according to my mission and because I was successful at it I am now going to jail.”


Inside Temple 420, LAPD point loaded shotgun at unarmed clergy with hands against the wall.

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Source: California Newswire
Author: Cindy Holden
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Website: Cannabis Minister Craig X Rubin Gives American Churches Warning After Conviction


New Member
Craig X never hurt anyone, but here he is, a prisoner of the worthless drug war. And the state of California...the state! (No doubt there was a bunch of federal support for this.) I may be ignorant of the facts but this does not seem right.

This is sick, and I don't mean that in a good way. God help us all! :peace:

Write the judge and let her know how unfair and unjust the entire fiasco was.

Judge Strobel: mstrobel@lasuperiorcourt.org

Write and file a complaint against this Judge, Mary H. Strobel who denied Craig his constitutional right ... send your complaint to the First Freedom Project committee at



420 Staff
quote from craig x this morning.

The judge gave me a few days in jail, but she is letting me out on appeal because I think she realized I was set up and that the government is dealing medical marijuana.


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We need more common sense Judges like her who sees through the Government fog & mirrors Fx. Our Gov. who was photographed getting high is against any form of cannabis use be it industerial or medicinal...backstabbing bastard. Our Government has become more threatening than any of us want to admit...I am very fearful of those ruthless jerks who ruin families lives while they go happily home to theirs.

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
I am very fearful of those ruthless jerks who ruin families lives while they go happily home to theirs.
history always seems to repeat itself. if the people ever take back the government (if we ever truly had it) i can hear them now....

but we were only following orders.
we didn't understand what was really going on.


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The situation is fluid. Glad to hear that from Craig X. Best of luck.:peace::3:

Kudos to the judge. (And thank you Mr 420 for the update.)


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i hope she used tore pages out of the patriot act because the cali budget impasse left them short of toilet paper......


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Wow! I like that minister! The only thing I disagree with is where he said cannabis is the tree of life. Actually, Jesus Himself is the tree of life for us today. Also the only New Testament sacraments are the symbolic Body & Blood of Christ represented by bread & wine for use in Communion and water baptism.

While I know cannabis has it's place in human lives I do not believe the NT teaches using it to find or celebrate God.
That's the Holy Spirit's function, Acts 2. (Though I do feel that one can celebrate Him while under it's influence, it is not a "door" to God or a NT sacrament. Jesus is the only door to Him. John 10:1,14:6. Still, when I go to meet with other believers I don't go after smoking my med. Though a person needing pain relief could, especially if that's how they were able to relieve their pain so they could. If peeps can go to church after taking Rx stuff for med needs...why not after using medical cannabis? I need my med mostly at night. Different strokes for different situations.)

Craig is quite correct when he says churches should come to his aid. Here is a link to a site that goes along with what we all feel about cannabis. It's by another minister, Chuck Baldwin. Though Chuck does not mention cannabis in his blog, you can apply his logic to cannabis & the US Constitution because as we all know cannabis prohibition is based totally on some big Bible no no's-lying, deception & falsehoods. Not to mention that the founders were big fans of hemp. Romans Chapter 13

If the gov can persecute people like Angel Raich & Craig, who have harmed no one or "sinned" by using cannabis...well, we should know the spiritual force behind this is not God's. God does not base His Word on deception nor does He inspire law makers to prohibit any thing based on lies, deception or falsehood.

Craig is in my prayers. Angel has already been.

Yours for the over grow!! Hope your harvests are big & strong! :smoke2:



New Member
PS to my last post-

Going along with the link to Chuck Baldwin's article (Romans 13, in above post), Ron Paul for President!!

Ron is the only candidate who makes a special point about returning to the Constitution as the supreme law of the USA.

Please!! Check him out at
Ron Paul 2008 — Hope for America

Thanks! Yours for the overgrow!!



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using any inebrieant to alleve pain and misery is biblical go see Proverbs 31``:4-9 .... Let them drink and forget their poverty and remember their misery no more... that out of the middle of the passage i referenced beginning and end are good too go look it up ......


New Member
Zolar!! Thanks for the verse!! It's one I had not seen in this light before. Here it is from the Amplified Version found a BibleGateway.com

6 Give strong drink [as medicine] to him who is ready to pass away, and wine to him in bitter distress of heart.
7 Let him drink and forget his poverty and [seriously] remember his want and misery no more.

8 Open your mouth for the dumb [those unable to speak for themselves], for the rights of all who are left desolate and defenseless;
9 Open your mouth, judge righteously, and administer justice for the poor and needy.

I threw in verses 8 & 9 as a reminder to our corrupt politicos.

We know that cannabis is much safer than strong drink. So if the Book says to give strong drink to the sick & depressed, why would Christians say no to cannabis? They shouldn't. Of course if you search the subject of strong drink in the Bible it is mostly said to be avoided. But Here we have a medical exception. Sounds familiar to me! Also strong drink or any medication should be in sensible moderation depending on the person's condition.

Though the Bible usually condemns the over indulgence of wine or strong drink, moderate use, especially as a medicine, is allowed. This is confirmed when Paul tells Timothy to use a little wine for Tim's infirmities as well as the verse in Proverbs you so kindly posted..

I guess God is not such a hard nose after all. All He asks in regard to this subject is to exercise discretion & smarts (wisdom), which I think 99% of MJ users do any way. I doubt that many of us want to be alcoholics or junkies.

Though Rx drugs can have a place in disease & pain treatment, many of them are very dangerous & addictive. That is why we call for the RE legalization of cannabis & common sense.

Again thanks for the Proverbs verse.

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