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Cannabis Oil and Critical Illness therapies

KH Medical

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I am hoping to start a conversation about education and awareness of actual MMJ. Simpson Oil is a great place to start but lets improve on a good thing!

I don't pretend to know it all - none of us do ... BUT

I would love to see a forum where those of us who want to discuss highly specialized strains and preparations in the pursuit of the cure ... My own adventure began from needing to save my own life and it grew organically from there ... We have helped dozens of patients and families and now are making medicine under the guidelines given to us by an actual Oncologist.
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So Im not clear on this. It sounds like you want to begin discussion on Cannibus cures for various illnesses, or possibly cancer only. But from your signature Im not sure. I would love to participate in such a discusion if that is what you are suggest7ng.
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