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Cannabis Oil: Branstad To Sign Bill Friday

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Gov. Terry Branstad will sign a bill legalizing the use of medical cannabis oil later this week. The signing will be held at the State Capitol on Friday at 2:30 p.m. in the first floor rotunda. The Medical Cannabidiol Act allows neurologists from Iowa to prescribe up to 32 ounces of the oil to help patients who have epilepsy. Advocates for the use of cannabis oil have argued the drug can help seizure sufferers better than traditional prescription medications. Branstad announced last week he would sign the bill, saying he had empathy for patients the treatment might help.


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Source: Whotv.com
Author: Kelly Maricle
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Website: CANNABIS OIL: Branstad To Sign Bill Friday | WHOTV.com

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This is a start. Cannabis concentrated oil with high CBD is treating Epilepsy with a high degree of success. Next it will have to be Cannabis concentrated oil with high THC and CBD. A little at a time is better than nada. Nice post General. TY :Namaste:


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Very nice. they are implementing a concentrate bill in washington right now as well. havent heard much about it recently but a week or two ago i heard they want anyone to be able to carry up to 6 grams of concentrate. they didnt specify what concentrate, but 6 grams is just for recreational users. Glad to see a bill being passed on a medical stand point.

jane doe has become one of my favorite strains to date. the exact % escape me right now but i believe it was around 10% cbd and 7% thc. i am on a hunt for this mother plant like never before, i got it a week ago and the fiance and i both have noticed just in smoking how euphoric it is without making you groggy. the second i find this plant few months later i will have oil out of her.
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