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Cannabis Oil Experience


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I don't mind the ride, it's the shaking and shivering that freaks me right out. <lol>
With every batch of oil I make, during cleanup, I test the potency of the oil. I do this by licking the oil off the spatula and bowls.
Get extremely high so I just sit back and let it take me where it takes me.


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THC concentration in edibles is always a problem, you could be eating 50 mg or 500mg, you just don't know till it kicks in. There are a lot of times when you can't really tell it's kicked in until you try and do something and suddenly go, OMG am I ever buzzed! You can ride it or it can ride you. Either way it will pass.


Have read that you can chew some citrus peels or peppercorns that may soften the high, not sure how effective or even how quickly it takes to work.


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And mangoes also decrease the risk of tumors, solve the munchy problem, which in turn helps a weight problem. Totally groovy if you ask me.
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