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Cannabis Oil for Pets?

Lucia McM

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I noticed in a different thread someone mentioned pets sometimes chew on their cannabis plants and love it.
I did a little search on the use of MMJ for pets and got a lot of hits for cancer but am wondering whether the oil can be used for other pet issues as well.
My dog developed an ear hematoma over night and it doesn't look like his ear canal is infected, seems more likely it developed because last week at the dog park a doggy played a little rough and although nobody got hurt it's likely my dog got hit on the ear.
Vet says surgery but sadly the hematoma likes to come back quickly and I would like to avoid my dog getting a procedure too often, it's traumatic and pricey so if anyone has experience or a link to veterinary mmj info that would be very useful.
Have you guys used it on your pets?
How did you administer it, tacking same as with humans? Topical application?
Dog is about 6 years old and otherwise in excellent health, never medicated apart from regular vaccines.
Good health to all, and your pets and plants :1:

Lucia McM

New Member
We didn't opt for the surgery, only using ear drops to clear up the infection and the ear swelling should subside by itself. He's not in pain ever since he got the drops so we'll leave the hematoma to heal naturally. We're rubbing a bit of the oil on the corner of his ear (not the center because it's very swollen so i'm not sure the oil would penetrate into the tissue if we put it there). Because it's so sticky we mix a grain of it with coconut oil and we don't rub it in but rather just spread it evenly in a thin layer. We'll see if it subsides (takes a few weeks to subside of it's own, perhaps it'll be faster with the oil) and perhaps it even prevents his ear from getting deformed. We wouldn't mind the deformity of course as it's painless but I'm curious to see how it works.
All in all, the dog is cheerful and infection free, just keeping tabs on the swelling for now. Will report in a few weeks whether it cleared up.

Richard Richardson

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