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Cannabis Oil Shrinks "One Of The Worst" Cancers

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COLORADO'S pioneering biotech company Cannabis Science, Inc have released graphic photos of a patient, suffering with what their physician described as "the worst case of squamous cell carcinoma cancer" he had ever seen, being healed by cannabis oil administered at home.

From Skin Cancer.org "Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) are the second most common form of skin cancer and are very small usually when they are first noticed. It is an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells arising in the squamous cells, which compose most of the skin's upper layers (the epidermis). SCCs often look like scaly red patches, open sores, or warts; they may crust or bleed. SCC is mainly caused by cumulative UV exposure over the course of a lifetime. It can become disfiguring and sometimes deadly if allowed to grow. An estimated 700,000 cases of SCC are diagnosed each year in the US, resulting in approximately 2,500 deaths."

The first pictures released by Cannabis Science, Inc. show a tumour protruding the skull with two sinus-like holes in the top. Cannabis extract was then applied in and around the holes and to all of the surrounding tissue on the scalp whilst the patient was undergoing radiotherapy treatment which can be seen in the second photos. This kind of extract which contains cannabinoids such as THC and CBD is more commonly referred to as "hash oil" or "concentrate" in the fledging regulated cannabis industry in Colorado, most particularly, Denver. Colorado made it legal for patients with qualifying conditions, after citizens used ballot initiatives and petitions, to use Cannabis to treat their symptoms. MS, chronic pain and nausea are all qualifying conditions, not just life threatening ones.

Claims of cannabis' ability to shrink tumours have been made for many years, but within the last decade the anecdotal evidence has stacked up to the point that pharmaceutical companies have started taking these claims more seriously. GW Pharmaceuticals, who are set to go global in 2012 with their cannabis tincture spray Sativex, are currently Phase III trialling their oromucosal mouth spray for cancer pain in both the UK and the US. It is already prescribed to a select number of MS suffers in parts of the UK and in continental Europe in countries such as Italy, Germany, Sweden and even Czech Republic this year.

What is visible in the next set of photos is what has been described as the cannabis oil being drawn out of the wound and, in the words of Cannabis Science, Inc., "killing the cancer cells from these lesions". If this is "killing" the cancer cells then surely this must be an indication that the anecdotal claims and evidence that we have seen more of in the press so recently and many times in 2011, shows that cannabis does cure cancer.

Back in 1974, researchers at the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond inadvertently found the THC slowed the growth of cancer cells in mice with cancer of the lung, breast and a virus-induced leukemia. Their funding ended since the original goal was to determine its harmful effects to the immune system. In 2000 Guzman and his research team in Madrid, Spain demonstrated that injected THC could shrink or destroy brain cell tumors (Glioma) in rats. The 1974 studies were never published and in recent years there has been little coverage in the U.S. about Guzman's work.

In 2006 a Canadian man by the name of Rick Simpson dropped the film Run From The Cure on the cannabis world with claims and a full video guide of how to make a cure for cancer from whole plant cannabis extract. Since then he has become a modern icon for the movement and his video has been used to help reach hundreds of thousands, if not millions, who need help to treat not only cancer but diseases affecting every part of the human system. He is now on the run as a fugitive from the DEA of America.

Source: BREAKING NEWS: Cannabis Science, Inc: Cannabis Oil Shrinks “One Of The Worst” Cancers « cannabiscureuk
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