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Cannabis oil! What happened?


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bathed the weed < in hydrogen peroxide > because of the mold problem
OMGoodness looks like you got lots of unwanted stuff in your oil, like fats. The dark stuff left over is what you want. I wish I knew more about chemistry... there is probably something you can add to facilitate the separation of those fats from the oil. In other words you add xyz liquid, mix everything up, put the solution in a tall thin container and then let it separate, then pull out the part you want. Maybe that can help you in your search for answers! Keep us updated!
Hi Brian420pm.
Thanks for the post.
I already put it in the trash.
I will not risk my health.
When the opportunity comes I will try again..
Two things I did wrong:
1- because of the mold, I washed the buds with hydrogen peroxide and may not have dried enough before attempting to get the oil.
2- I did not wear gloves when I trimmed the plant..

I will wait for next harvest.. and trie it again.

thanks everybody

Regards cannabifreak
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