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Cannabis Patients Plan Protest at Capitol

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"I really don't think the patients have been represented," says Hiedi Handford, Publish of Montana Connect Magazine. Medical marijuana patients and growers all across the state are fighting mad.

"They didn't pay attention to a single word those patients had to say about how it hurt them, how it worked, they we're strictly out for repeal," says Handford.

Proponents of Senate Bill 423 hope Governor Schweitzer will veto it, though Schweitzer has said he intends to let it become law without his signature. Heidi Handford, Publisher of Montana Connect Magazine, says if it becomes law her business would go away - "My freedom of speech is gone, my constitutional right to the freedom of speech is gone with a no advertising."

The bill creates a new system in which people authorized to use medical cannabis can either grow their own or obtain it without compensation from a provider who can grow it for up to three people.

"It is probably not the best solution, but I mean I got to hand it to them, they at least tried," says Sen. Dave Lewis of Helena. Like many providers and users, Senator Dave Lewis says the industry needs to be regulated. "I voted for the repeal thinking well maybe if we repeal it for two years, we can step back and start over again, cause we're not going to pass a reasonable bill," says Lewis.

"We walked in begging for regulation to draw a box around us to protect us from the black market, and they told us basically we're the black market," says Handford.

The bill becomes law on Friday, without the Governor's signature or veto and dissatisfaction from many in the state.

"It's not about me, it's about freedom of speech, it's about the patient and allowing people the personal freedom and choice," says Handford.

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It's about getting involved and voting and supporting those who are fighting the fight. I am a patient and caregiver here in Montana yet I have a difficult time finding any information on what's happening here pertaining to mmj. Nobody that I've been able to talk to has any idea how this new law will work but everybody agrees that there is nothing good in it. I hear a lot of scuttlebutt that there is an initiative to repeal this new law but no contact info on who to support.

From what I see, the majority of users and abusers of mmj are content to let a few carry the load. Where were your voices during the last election? How in God's name did we allow these legislatures in office? This is a peoples initiative that they are screwing with. There are aprox 30,000 cardholders in this state. Where are you? We need tens of thousands of people to email the Gov and tell him to veto this bill.


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This is what I'm talking about ion my last post/rant. There is a protest planned for Helena!

When Where Who to contact etc.

If we don't organize we are screwed. Come on people pull your heads out and lets fight this thing!!

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
What: Rally!!! Have the Voice of the Patient be HEARD

When: Wednesday May 11, 2011 — 4-7pm

Where: State Capitol Front Lawn — Helena MT

Why? SB 423 is COMPLETELY unconstitutional and creates such hardship on the legitimate patients of Montana that they will be forced to criminal methods and treated as second class citizens. Not only THAT — but legitimate patients just like Baby Cash might DIE due to the constrictive nature and complete inaccessibility incorporated into the core base of this law!


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It does not seem like the media is too interested in this whole issue. I called Beartooth News and the Helena Independant record to see if they are going to cover it. I also called the Great Fall Tribune and KRTTV and KFBBT. They are now aware of the rally but would not say whether they will cover it or not. We'll see what's on the news tonite.


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Well that rally was pretty much underwelming. It was the same people who were at the capitol every day trying to get this awful legislation stopped. As usual, it is the few who are carrying the load for the rest of us. Thanks Heidi.The media did a 30 second byte but didn't really say anything. C'mon people, If you are not going to get involved then don't bitch when you you no longer have access to mmj!
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