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Cannabis Plant and Pest Problem Solver: Pictorial

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Sorry for not getting back to u Dave. They are autos growing in coco peet. Indoors. Using greenhouse power feed. Using a 600 w led. Will take pics soon as lights on.
Once again many thanks.
I just ph'ed rain water to 6.2 and flushed plant ppm tds was 28. After flush water 770 ppm. Think way to much nutes. Ph of flushed water was 7.2


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Please help everything went fine until last week 3rd week of flower stage 7 gal smart pot with soil mix 1/3 mountian magic organic compost 1/3 spangum peat moss 1/3 perlite using bat bloom with kelp extract mammoth microbes cal mag plus all at strengths recommended on packing watering every 7 days or so under a weak 1000 watt full spectrum led with 4 fluorescents and a cfl of 2700 lux constant air movement from very beginning room temp stays in between 70 to 80 rh stays at 80% tried everything to get it down but cant on this coast ugh. Any help is appreciated greatly


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Bat bloom? If that's bloom bat guano fertilizer, just powdered guano, that's some strong stuff. What's the n/p/k of your fertilizers and how much/often do you give?
I feed every other water with this plus kelp extract which is 0-5-2 and i let the bat tea steep for 48hrs i always ph my water from 7.0 to 6.5 to 6.8 before adding nutes and let water bubble for 24 hrs to get chlorine out as i read it helps


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Can anyone say what up with this??

Is it nutrient burn??

It looks rather localized to spots the leaf, whereas nute burn will generally affect the whole leaf not just part. Try an insecticidal soap spray for a week or so.


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I just want to say thanks!! for this awesome guide.

History with me is I have consulted this thread many times trying to identify plant leaf issues - with over watering, over/under feeding seeming to be my worse offenses to date.

Then I had this odd white coloring show up on my leaves of one plant, and I was horrified that your guide said it was spider mites!! I searched the plant and sure enough, mites!! Euw!! I'd read tons on here about these awful critters during my extensive studying on 420 over the years. I can't imagine how these critters came into my house but I did do a lot of yard work just prior to the outbreak. I read about how to treat for these evil leaf eaters, and wanted to treat it as soon as I identified it on a Sunday night. So, here's what I used (all things i had in house) and it seems not only are the critters gone but all the plants seem happier, except for leaves that would have been lost to the critters anyways because they were so far gone. I pass this along for anyone in a similar situation who wants a home made, organic solution.

I boiled on top of the stove, a 2-3 cups of water, added approximately 2 tablespoons of dry cayenne pepper, let it boil/cook for a few minutes, no more than 5 or 10. Put aside, let cool, then strain through whatever you have to keep the pepper solids out of your water you'll strain out that will be cayenne infused, effectively. This is very hot, and will attach onto your fingers, transfer upon touch, to your mouth, eyes, etc. So, if it irritates my eye by me touching the corner of my eye, I figure the tiny little spider mite won't survive it. I used 2 or three coffee filters together and/or in succession to strain the cayenne infused water. Also, can just let solids settle and pour out the top water while the solid remains with minimal liquid in the first bowl, like you would to separate drippings when you make gravy. With the infused strained water, I added a few tablespoons (2-3) of good quality olive oil I cook with, then added a couple teaspoons of dishsoap. Add that mixture, now cool/cold, with as much water as you need, a couple gallons, into a garden sprayer. Spray the crap out of the plants, focusing on underside of leave, spray the top of the soil. Don't leave your sprayer pressurized with the pepper spray in it and be careful opening the pressurized container - hot pepper water on your hands, any other sensitives skin can be uncomfortable, very much so were it to spray into your eye, mouth, etc. I repeated this spaying for three days and now have no sign of spider mites and the plants look very happy. I worried about taste but one plant had some ready to harvest within this treatment window. Harvested (washed per normal) and has no smell besides their normal goodness, so I don't expect any taste to linger either. Here's hoping!

The 2 gallon garden sprayer I used looks like one you can get on-line or in your local dept. or garden store.
Best purchase I ever made.

To be clear, I made about 4 gallons of spray with this, the first couple gallons was stronger than the other two.



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Are these spider mites?

Looks like Thrips to me. I had an attack of them and they are a bitch to eradicate. Take a look at the first page of this thread about 3/4 way down. Really good close up of exactly what mine looked like. Look on the back of the leaves and see if you see little black spots and white eggs... and more thrips.


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Hey everyone. I have a little problem with My plants. I have looked through the thread in search for problem , i have pH 5.2 and ppm of 389 . Pictures below. Im in week 2 of the vegetative state. Potassaium deficiency or Magnesium are my guesses?

Can anyone help guide me?



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Sorted My problem above. Was nutrient deficiency so added more nutes. :)

But i still have a problem with a girl of mine. Its hanging awefully for over 1 week. I am doing Hydro for My first time and took it out of my autopot for 1 Day but Still the same



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Thanks for your hard work composing this post. Never grown Weed before. This will be permanent entry in my Grow Journal Notebook reference materials.
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