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Cannabis Plant and Pest Problem Solver: Pictorial


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really stumped by this one

day 39 in flower, organic soil grow, 2000 watts, temps 70 humidity %40

lower fans turn yellow, red stems on fans, upper growth turning purple a bit early and whole plant turning lime green

no spotting or rust spots. anyone?
Hello, nice this is great forum...
Can someone please tell me what is the problem with my plants?
(on few leaves there are like some black stains) is that serious problem and if it is how to cure them?


Dave Groomer

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Hello, nice this is great forum...
Can someone please tell me what is the problem with my plants?
(on few leaves there are like some black stains) is that serious problem and if it is how to cure them?

What kind of lighting are you using? From the pics I am guessing LEDs. Are you giving them any Cal/Mag? Growing under LEDs they need more Cal/Mag. :peace:
Also have black stains-that seemed to quickly turn into lighter stains and holes. I sprayed my plants with a home made big deterent lemon juice/vinegar/little dish soap. (Very little) it seemed to effect the leaves - but it also resembles a deficiency pic I looked at

Dave Groomer

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Just joined this group yesterday-AND I NEED SOME HELP. And friends here?
It would help if you posted some pictures. Here is a link to posting photos. Photo Gallery Guide - How to Resize, Upload & Post Photos A picture is worth a thousand words!! Also, tell us a little more about your grow. Soil or hydro? Lighting? Strain? Veg or flower? Nutes you are using? All of this information will be relevant to solving your problem. :peace:
thank you ya did a hell of a job the pics helped me figure it out I started my grow with two seeds in the window then I got the grow bug lol 16 23wt cfl,s for two plants 2nd week of flowering and bang brown spots on one of the plants I advise everyone to get a ph tester if I had one fropm the start I would never of had this problem
This is amazing. I cant believe you put all of this together. I included it in my sig we have to get the word out somehow. Thank you for this beautiful piece of art.
Love this post. The biggest thing for the indoor grow, was saved for last. Cleanliness helps more than anything. Before I started growing I got one of Jorge Cervantes books, He stressed clean in the grow room. Careful to change cloths before going into the room. Keep leaf matter and spills cleaned up. And if you have down time between grows wash everything (walls, floors, tools) down with mild bleach solution. I grew for 4 years in a basement, once in a while had spiders and occasional white flies used sticky traps (no poison). Smoke was good.
I am noticing some yellowing of the lower leaves. It looks like nitrogen deficiency but, I just feed 2 days ago soil is still moist. root zone ph is 5.0, I will post a pic or two to see if anyone can help me figure it out. BTW only occurring in plants in 3gal plastic pot with roots organic soil.
Possibly need to flush to balance ph of soil?
Any help would be appreciated.
Ok here's more detailed information
I am getting yellowing of the lower leaves (they get witty and brown like the 1 in the pic and look like nitrogen deficiency but I just feed 2 days ago and and soil was still moist. Soil ph was way off 5.0, and since it is the week before flowering I was planning on flushing before I started flowering nutes. Flushed pots with 1.5 time bucket size of tap water with Ph of about 6.5-7.0, the best I could get out of the run off is about 5.5-6.0 and gave foiler feeding so they wouldn't sucks up too much tap water.

Strain - Indica - Nl#5 & Sativa dominant Hybrid - J1
# of Plants - 3
Grow Type - Soil
Grow Stage - late Vegetative
Bucket Size - 3 Gallon
Lights - (1) 1000 Watt HPS
Nutrients - DaKine 420
Medium - Roots Organic Soil
PPM - unknow
PH - very ph layers as you go down pot
RH - 40% to 60%
Room Temperature - 69 to 79
Solution Temperature - tent temp
Room Square Footage - 5'×5'
Pests - spider mites, ghats- (neem oil 5% spray and soil drench every 2 weeks or as needed for pests)