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Cannabis Regeneration: 420 Magazine Review By Ian Bastage

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You have babied it for months. From a seed sprouting a tail in a wet paper towel to a 4 foot trichome-laden multi-cola'd green Hydra. You have fed it, groomed it and loved it, but now it is time to chop it down. While you are eager to taste the results, you probably feel more than a twinge of remorse, as if you are going to hurt an old friend. What if you didn't have to kill it? What if you could take your full yield from the plant and kick start her to do it all over again?

That is the premise of Cannabis Regeneration. My trusty 15 lb dictionary defines regeneration as a regrowth of living tissue that has been damaged. In this book, the author gives you detailed instructions to successfully regrow your 'damaged' cannabis plant. He claims that if you nurture it with the right techniques, it will not only regenerate, but the plant's yield will actually be better than the original go-around.

If you feel that this is crazy talk, or if you are simply curious, you need to cozy up with this book and a good smoke. Author J.B. Haze keeps you nicely entertained with his easy, informative writing style making this an enjoyable read. With a name like that, it is pretty obvious that Mr. Haze prefers to remain mysterious and he describes himself as, "A true hippy at heart — well-traveled, well-toked and insanely curious."

The book is filled with pictures that really help to explain his instructions for regeneration. Furthermore, he suggests radical training of the new growth to maximize the yield and he includes detailed directions and diagrams to help the reader execute this plan.

I must admit that I really like the idea of regeneration. I have seen mentions of it in the 420 Magazine forums but it appeared that many members were struggling with different aspects of the technique. Well, here it all is in one concise, easy to follow book. Start regenerating and enjoy some yields 'on the house', compliments of your cannabis plant.

Author: J.B. Haze
Book Review By: Ian Bastage, Product Reviewer
Publisher: Green Candy Press, San Francisco CA
Purchase Cannabis Regeneration Here: Cannabis Regeneration
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