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cannabis resin oil


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I was looking at a couple of websites and I found something that I would like to try outbut I need some cannabis resin oil and some thing known as a "bamboo sliver stick" wich is a thin bamboo stick that has been wrapped with bud and tied well back to my question is there anyway to make cannabis resin oil any help would be greatly appreciated


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you need a buitaine canister, top cap with a hole for for the canister,tube for holding the bud, a filter, bottom cap with perferated holes, and a cup to catch the oil and buitaine.
1. drill a hole in the end of the first cap that lets the nozzel of the butaine fit neatly into it.
2.drill six small holes near the center of the second cap
3. place filter in second cap.
4. attach second cap to pipe
5.fill the pipe very loosely with finely ground bud
6.attach the top or first cap to the pipe
7.mount pipe on a stand and place it over you clean measuring cup
8. open the butaine can turn it upside down placing the nozzel in the top cap. fill pipe up slowly, allowing the butaine to draw the oil down through the tube.
9.remove butaine can when empty
10. wait 10 to 15 minutes before approachingthe apparattus even if the top cap has given up any viable signs of fume realeasethe butaine should of evaporated away leaving an oil butaine mixture in the cup.OPEN CAP TO ALLOW FUMES TO EXCAPE THE BUD WILL STILL HAVE ACTIVE BUTAINE IN IT AS WILL THE OIL IN THE CUP
11. then just put your cup in a bowl of warm water to let the rest of the butaine evaporate warm water not boiling waterand ummm NO SMOKING WHEN DOING THE PROCEDURE.

This was a procedure out of the Marijuana grow bible by greg green by the way a very good book


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thankyou veryvery much that was very informative and extreamly usefull now ill be able to make some blunts out of bud and the leaves off of a bud plant so thanks again and if you dont already know howto make these blunts I would be more than happy to post the instructions just let me know
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