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In New England the movement to restore our right to choose is well underway but the vast majority of Yankees are woefully uninformed.

To help change that I have developed a series of ~40 min lectures with open-ended discussion after. For example, on Oct 17th 7PM I'll be at Boston University presenting this one:

Cannabis Rising: Why the Great Prohibition will end (sooner than you think) and why now is a critical time to support national law reform organizations

I am not affiliated with any group and I offer these talks at no charge to the host. Here's what I am looking for to support this outreach program:

New England hosts No charge. I cover costs with sponsors and an information/product table where I sell Cannabis Rising prints etc.

Unique/portable products In the course of my travels I will be visiting 420 friendly shops all over the Northeast. I am building a portfolio of products I can offer wholesale to retailers, festival vendors and sell at my info table.

Sponsors Your logo on the welcome slide as people are taking their seats and then again on the last slide for the Q&A/discussion. $100 per lecture
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Thanks for the resource list Captain. It's great to see a mature, for-profit biz model focused on education and outreach to the masses. I'm here to help if you need me!
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