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Cannabis Sativa (Marijuana) for Fibromyalgia

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Cannabis Sativa or Medical Marijuana is a drug that may be used to relieve fibromyalgia symptoms. Tell us your experience with Cannabis Sativa / Medical Marijuana for fibromyalgia. Rate this fibromyalgia treatment below.

Treatment Ratings for FMS Symptoms
Fibromyalgia Tender Point Pain Relief 7.60
Myofasical Trigger Point Pain Relief 7.52
More Energy / Mental Clarity 6.96
Better Sleep 8.93
No Side Effects 8.40
Convenience 5.91
Cost/Benefit 9.05

Depression Relief 7.63
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Relief 7.05
Genitourinary Problem Relief 7.00
Skin Problem Relief 6.39
Hyopoglycemia Relief 5.91

Source & Graph: fibromyalgia-reviews.com
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