Cannabis seed laws?

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I have been trying to find out laws regarding seed distribution in California to dispenceries and other business and also sell online but can't seem to find anything. Any help from someone would be greatly appreciated!

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Dwight Monk

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Not sure if CA has figured all that out yet far as Rec rules go (no idea on Med rules, but they different up here so imagine there too), OR still trying to make concrete rules on Clones even after all this time. Still against Fed law to ship them in the mail or to send them across State Lines (even from a legal state to another legal state). Imagine CA has a website that says what is currently the policy somewhere, the fun part is finding it.
Remember, each time a state line is crossed, you violate Federal laws! Since rec is legal in Calif., seeds should also be legal! It's how you get the seeds are still in it is in Nevada, where I reside!
Pretty much what Dwight Monk said. The legal framework is not currently in place. Seeds and seedlings aren't legally available for sale outside of dispensaries until the state gives the OK. Expect this no earlier than Jan 1, 2018.
Maybe so, but who knows how you came by
Possession of seeds and or clones should still be confusion reigns supreme here in Nevada...
We can grow up to six usable plants (keyword is usable). Out of Plain sight.
trick is that the strains you grow must not be available in a legal dispensary within 25 miles of home..LOL What are they going to do..genetic testing on your six plants?? :)
Cops are way too busy to mess around with us, especially since no court will hear the case, unless it is a criminal sales case that is!
Possession of seeds and or clones should still be
I'm thinking you'd really have to piss a copper off to write a ticket. :thumb: You can carry an ounce. You can gift an ounce. However, if you want to legally purchase flowers, seeds or clones, you'll need both a recommendation and a dispensary at present.