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Cannabis Shops May Stay Open Sans Pot

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
The clock is ticking for two local medical marijuana dispensaries to cease operations.

The deadline for In Harmony Wellness Center and A New Dawn Wellness Clinic is May 15, about five weeks from now.

That day was established by the Windsor Town Board in January.

It was necessitated because Windsor residents voted overwhelmingly last November to ban all medical marijuana dispensaries in town.

Whether or not the two dispensaries will close, however, remain to be seen.

They likely could remain open if they just cease their sales of marijuana, says the town's attorney.

"I think if they would want to do something other than sell marijuana, the town wouldn't have a problem with that," said Windsor Town Attorney Ian McCargar. "It's not the business, it's the product that the town has problems with."

At this point, no one is sure exactly what the two businesses will do.

Tina Valenti, the owner of In Harmony Wellness, 4630 Royal Vista Circle, and Greg Hatton, the owner of A New Dawn Wellness, 520 1/2 Main Street, could not be reached for comment.

McCargar said it's possible that some medical marijuana businesses, like the ones in Windsor, might quit selling marijuana but remain open while waiting for related litigation to be decided in state courts.

"But, that could be a long wait," McCargar added.

At this point, McCargar said he plans "to touch base with ( the owners of the town's medical marijuana dispensaries ) in the next week to let them know what our expectations are."

McCargar said he would then report back to the Windsor Town Board. He also indicated that there would likely be a meeting between him, the police department and the town board in the future to discuss exactly what will happen on May 15.

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