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Cannabis Strain for daytime use advice requested


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Hello all,

I am a newbie to this forum, but I've been reading avidly for a few weeks now. I have prostate cancer which had metastasised to my lymph nodes and bones, but is currently at bay as I am undergoing hormone therapy. I'm not in pain at all and appear to be healthy, but my oncologist says that the hormone therapy will eventually become ineffective and then I'll be stuffed, rooted, buggered.
I would like to avoid this if possible!
I intend to break the Australian law and grow medicinal cannabis in my backyard vegetable garden to cure myself, but I need some advice please.
Having read most of Motoco's and friends incredibly helpful and informative posts re dosing and tacking etc, I did my research and bought seeds from the Netherlands, one Indica dominant strain, Barney's Farm Pineapple Chunk
- 25%THC for night time use, and a daytime strain, a Sativa dominant - Barney's Farm Acapulco Gold also 25% THC.
I thought I was sorted but then I noticed this from the Barney's site: "Barneys Farm - Acapulco Gold gives a 'Heavy stoned' effect." This is exactly the same as the Pineapple Chunk even though one's Indica and one's Sativa.
As I have to grow outside and I have to get moving or I'll miss the boat I'm asking this question - should I get another Sativa as well for instance a Haze
which has a 'Very strong up high' effect.' for daytime use.
Do any members have any knowledge of Barney's Acapulco Gold?
I have to work during the day and Heavy Stone would not be useful. I understand that the tacking would theoretically lessen any euphoria but I still don't know what to do.
Also I don't have much room for plants so I can't plant many, so yield was an important issue for me as well. The Pineapple and Gold are currently germinating happily.
I can't praise enough the time and effort that Motoco particularly has put in to help his fellow creatures through their difficult times - all done with respect and integrity. I would like to add myself to the growing list of people who are indebted big-time to this guy! Thank you Motoco. https://www.420magazine.com/forums/images/smilies/circle-of-love.gif
As an aside, because I'm an Aussie the time difference may prohibit me from replying as quickly as I would wish, but I'll try to answer as quickly as possible. Cheers.

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I also use 2 different oils, one for nightime to help me sleep and another for daytime and although I'm not a grower and its quite illegal here as well so I use different techniques to get the most out of my product. Granted the oil I make is quite "dirty" by Motoco's standards as its full of chlorophyll and plant waxes but at least in my case its this or nothing. This specific type of tumor has no treatment other than surgery.

Based on my experience I would recommend a high THC sativa for nightime and a low THC/high CBD indica for daytime.

A friend's dad has liver cancer and we've been treating him with RSO. I'll tell you what we've seen so far.

He wasn't able to complete the chemo and was sent home to die. After 5 days of being bedridden, already maxed out on morphine and still in pain just from turning over he tried the RSO. It was an 85% high THC tincture, the very next day after trying it he was up and about; went to the supermarket, to dinner with his wife, etc.

When he started running out we gave him some 50% high CBD tincture, he liked it but according to his son he wasn't sleeping as well and didn't have as much appetite.

So even though theoretically CBD is better for tumors his son is more into improving his quality of life so we switched back to high THC because of the appetite control and it helps him sleep. Although theoretically CBD is better for pain, the patient is no longer taking any analgesics at all. No morphine, no pills, no nothing.

He was given 1 month to live 4 months ago and his health keeps improving, I'm not sure what his medical prognosis is but at least he's not in pain.

By modifying your decarb profile you can choose to boost THC or just get rid of it.


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Thanks for the reply Lab Rat. Good to hear about your friend's dad's improvement.
I was under the impression from what I have read that the ideal regimen is high THC Indica at night and high THC Sativa during the day.
What I don't quite understand is if the tacking doesn't result in the 'high', what is the difference between the Indica and the Sativa? Is it just an overall body feeling ie Indica/drowsy or Sativa/active? This is the impression I get from the posts I have read, but it's never actually been spelled out (or I have missed it somewhere).

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Its my impression that a lot of the information online reports what has been tried so far; the general norm or rule of thumb. THC makes you high, period. There are strains that are downer and strains that are upper. Upper strains can be like having too many cups of coffee but if it also has high THC it will give you a head high.

THC does remove nausea, give you more appetite, helps you sleep and even has some analgesic effects. CBD is what is mostly recommend for pain and tumors.

So for nightime get a high THC strain and decarb it for high THC and for daytime get a high CBD strain and get rid of the THC by converting what little THC there is to CBN.

Check out the links at the bottom:

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Thanks for your reply LabRat! Much appreciated!
I checked out the links, and although I've done a fair bit of research it looks like I need to do more…

My main worry since I discovered the Rick Simpson cure, has been how to tolerate the massive highs that ingesting the large amounts of Cannabis Oil would involve.

The tacking method has seemed to prove that those amounts can be tolerated without the highs. That's a huge breakthrough and there seems to be enough evidence in this forum to substantiate it.

But I still have questions.

I have smoked weed and I don't much like Indica and it's couch-lock effects - I prefer Sativa and it's up, euphoric happy high.

So what effect does the tacking have on the body if there's no high? I mean other that the healing factors?

Sorry to seem so dense here, but all I can seem to find is that you are left feeling invigorated, or sleepy as the case may be. So the brain is not stimulated? The oil goes straight to the CB1 receptors and does it's job of healing without the brain being involved?

Can anybody with first hand experience help me out here?

In the meantime I'm going to read the whole 58 page thread on "How to make concentrated cannabis oil" again to see if I missed the answer somewhere.

Apologies if these questions have been answered elsewhere.


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Sorry guys, I basically found the answer on page 1, (can't believe I missed it the first time but I did)so sorry to have wasted your time.
I also found another great thread "How to dose correctly using Rick Simpson's concentrated Cannabis oil".

However I'm still interested to know if anyone has triedBarney's Farm Acapulco Gold?
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