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Cannabis strain suggestions for chronic pain conditions: fibromyalgia


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Dear 420 forums,

Looking for suitable strains to treat fibromyalgia.

Someone very close to me suffers from this condition, I've managed to assist this person in weaning off their benzodiazepines in hopes to find a suitable strain to eliminate all if not most of their nerve pain/chronic pain.

Having previously taken benzodiazepines long term I understand the long term risks associated with them and their abuse potential so I'm looking to help this person with a more natural alternative.

I understand chronic pain conditions are quite common and would be very interested in hearing some first hand experience from users on this forum.

Eagerly waiting your strain recommendations.

Kind regards.


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Harlequin looks very good, Because it's not for me the person who's going to be using it for pain only likes smoking at night so I decided on GDP.

I'll have to give harlequin a try next time for them though.

Thankyou for the recommendations. :)
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