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The Schuemann-Jones Company; Cleveland Ohio -- CANNABIN COMPOUND
#105..this is one unusual and rare drugstore container! according to the label, each tablet contained: cannabin (cannabis or marijuana!) 1-10gr; zinc phosphide; strychnine phosphide and avenin. "a new tonic and stimulant with valuable aphrodisiac, reconstructive, nervine and anodyne properties, useful in the treatment of nervous exhaustion, depression, impotence, insomnia, kidney affections....."this rare and unusual cannister is beige. approximately 4 inch tall and 1 inch diameter....appears to be rugged card-board like construction with tin top and bottom. one tablet after meals and at bedtime......medicaltreasures

Having been reared in a Roman Catholic home this author, for one, would have preferred if the subject never had come up, at least not in an antique book. However, not wanting to be accused of censorship, I suppose will have to make the best of it.

Aphrodisiac: - Defined by the dictionary as "a drug that arouses the sexual instinct or exciting sexual impulses."

Yes it is true that Cannabis did indeed make its way into various aphrodisiacs manufactured by legitimate pharmaceutical houses of their day. In addition, the subject starts poking its head up in the medical journals of that time.

However, I for one am of the opinion that this whole "aphrodisiac" thing was so much HUMBUG. Cannabis Indica simply came from India whose population (being Hindus) practiced certain religious practices (best left unsaid) in which Cannabis just happened to be used. Thus, somehow a connection between Cannabis and sex was established.

After discussing the subject with various people, we are almost of one mind; Cannabis does not make you more sexually active. In fact, it does the opposite. It seems to only want to make you go to sleep. Most medical research (modern or otherwise) seems to collaborate that viewpoint. But then as Dr. Riechard (US public health service 1940s) once said about the subject, "some legends will probably die hard."


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Cannabis CERTAINLY CAN be a very potent aphrodisiac! Many of my best sexual encounters were while I was "under the influence".



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your wrong, certain pot gives more body high(sleepy, sluggish), and certain pot gives more of a head high. that is determined on the composition of pot


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I've had some great sex while baked, but I've also had some, hmmmmm, "weird" sex as well. Like trying for an hour to get things working, and being into it, just not..... you know. :p Definitely varies.

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This is one of those older posts/ stickies that may be in need of an update.

Certain strains can definitely affect women.


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for sure, some strains get my girl going big time. some strains will bring on some serious wood i've also noticed LMAO.

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Starting to read about limonene and linalool. Both terpenes have been used in preperations for aphrodisiacs.
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