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New Reports Open Up Many New Avenues For TB Reseasch, Cures & Prevention,
The Epidemic Infects One Third Of World Already And Over 2 Million Dead Per Year!
The CB2 Receptor Is The Most Abundant Immune System Receptor And Immunity Deficiencies
Have Been Shown As The Key Factors In Latent TB Turning Active.
Cannabis Medicines And Nutrition Are The Key
To Maintaining Immunity-Latency To Reduce Transmission And Hasten Healing.
June 10, 2004

As old as History itself, both Cannabis and Tuberculosis have been an important part of mankind's development [1]. Now new reports have opened up new avenues for research. Cannabis Seeds & Extracts were long thought to be among the only ethnobotanicals effective against TB, but the link remained elusive [2]. Then with Cannabis Prohibition all such research was stopped [3]. Simultaneously new antimicrobials were developed against TB and major advances against this scourge occured [4]. Now we are loosing this battle again which is challenging world medicine to come up with new approaches [5].

Basic techniques often involve isolation into sanitoriums to receive good care such as fresh air, good food and lots of rest etc [6]. This is still true, as the main defence against TB is a healthy lifestyle, which prevents TB from becoming active and destructive. Now with the raging HIV epidemic, TB has found a new powerful ally, and is killing at an explosive rate [7]. Coupled with that, the worldwide vast increases in incarcerations spread TB like wildfire [8]. Add in the increasing population densities especially in cities, and the stage is set and primed for an explosion of TB the likes the world has never seen [9].

With over 900 million women infected, almost a third of the world possibly infected, and 9 million new cases a year at the rate of one per second [10], its possible that humanity could succumb from not only the disease itself but the economic collapse it would engender. The vast levels of extreme poverty are destroying our main defensive immunities and our ability to use, let alone afford, traditional antibiotics or good care [11].

Then with the greater ability to travel, open borders in Europe, Americas, and vast migrations of tourists, refugees, soldiers etc. TB can spread faster than ever [12]. Old TB infeection rates were often in the range of one person infecting ten to fifteen local people a year [13]. Today, the potential is many times that easily. Plus the fact that people are not being quaranteened at all anymore and left to spread TB far and wide. Unlike HIV, TB is highly contagious even from contaminated environments and especially from active coughing victums [14]. It is almost as easy to spread as the flu, but unlike flu, the season is year round, and victums can be contagious for extended years even lifetimes [15]. Health care workers are at increasing risk, and while once it was possible to care for AIDS patients etc. without this threat, the coumpounding with TB means care will be much more difficult and risky [16].

Back to Cananbis and what is its role. Cannabis has not only the distinct possiblity of helping defeat diseases of all sorts, but also of increasing agricultural abundance, nutrition and health [17]. No other plant or crop can be used worldwide to immediately overcome soil, environmental, productivity, livestock, nutritional and rural poverty and health problems like Cannabis [18].

The problem arises as increasing Cannabis use also increases the potential for spread via sharing joints and associated coughing and contamination. One active victum could infect many Pot Smokers easily through sharing infected joints and pipes so commonly passed around. A prescription for disaster. The old song, "Don't Bogart That Joint My Friend, Pass It Over To Me" could mean disaster for millions if a concerted efffort is not made to educate smokers to this epidemic and get them to change habits to not passing joints and pipes, with everyone just smoking their own socially. This will not be an easy objective to achieve until the encroaching epidemic generates real fear. Latvian TB is found primarily among poor, homeless, alcoholics, smokers who are most vunerable health wise and transmission wise through sharing [19].

As for Cannabis as a cure, the use of Cannaibs Seeds & Extracts for TB needs immediate research funding. Apparently, with new studies showing a relationship of certain Arachidonic but not Omega fatty acids inhibiting TB some how [20], the race is on to find out the true nature of this action, which is apparently not just its nutritional benefits, but a more fundamental antimicrobial, immunomodulating and sophisticated receptor mechanism [21]. TB has a 60% lipid cell wall and this is propably why highly non polar lipid Cannabinoids can interact with it [22]. "Certain natural lipids can reverse the inhibition of actin nucleation by the infected phagosome, stimulate phagosomal maturation in infected cells, and lower the survival rate of the pathogen in infected cells" [22].

Suggestions for research include the relationship of Arachidonic Acid, Anandamides and Cannbionoids on CB receptors on the Bacteria, Macrophages, and extremely complex method of cellular attack [23]. Research along these lines is already underway in certain types of Cancer, as Cannabinoids, primarily CBD, THC & CBN have a wide range of highly specialized receptor mechanisms and effects [24]. Another research target are the TB Cell Wall Lipids, LAM and immunosupression [25]. Cannabinoids could react with the terminal mannosyl units of LAM and somehow allow Phagocytes or T Cells etc. to attack. Another possibilty is that Cannabinoids may hinder the Macrophage attack which could leave TB more exposed for other immune agent attack [23][26][38]. Additionally, various immunoresponse triggers and modulations of various T Cells and Cytokines could be significant [27].

Cannabinoids are known to play some significant roles in immunomodulation and neuromodulation [28]. Whatever the exact mechanism of antibiotic and other interactions of Cannabis & TB are, and while there is a social connection of Cannabis to TB, there has NOT been shown a direct causative association of Cannabis use with a higher rate of TB relapsing or death, and some good indications that several preparations may be beneficial via several routes of administration [28]. TB has been shown to be more closely related to immune deficiencies and Cannabis may specifically boost the immune response to TB [28]. "Drug users are from two to six times more likely to contract TB than nonusers because this disease is most prevalent in crowded low-income areas with substandard health conditions. CDC estimates that in 1996 at least 11 percent of new TB cases were in drug users, with noninjecting drug users twice as likely as IDUs to contract the disease". (But there are 100 times more noninjecting users than IDU's) "Compared to others with TB, IDUs are more likely to develop the disease in multiple organs and sites, rather than only in the lungs" [28]. Noninjecting drug users would primarily include 'coke & meth snorters', and also perhaps pot smokers, CDC didn't distinguish unfortunately. Risks of transmission with pot may be increased by casual sharing of saliva on joints or pipes and/or associated coughing, but that also needs further study. We are certainly at a point where a concerted effort can solve these mysteries, discover long overdue new drug treatments or vaccines, increase education, nutrition and healthier lifestyles more immune and in tune with nature, our main defence, and decrease alcohol, tobacco, poverty, malnutrition, incarceration, war, refugees, urban crowding and AIDS, the real risk factors. The successful Dutch Cannabis Policy of separating cannabis from other drugs, alcohol and disease is one that should be considered immeidately by all countries and UN [29].

"One might assume that both the incidence of tuberculosis and the number of multiple-drug resistant strains will continue to increase. How will these patients be treated? In absence of adequate (new) therapeutic agents... there are already many patients for whom no combination of agents is of any use. A review of results before the era of modern therapy brings up some interesting data"[30]. Such as:

"The cannabinoids may serve as a protectant against microorganisms. Cannabis preparations have long served as medicines (apart from their psychoactive properties) and are effective against a wide variety of infectious diseases [31]. These antibiotic properties have been demonstrated with both Cannabis extracts [32] and a variety of isolated cannabinoids" [33]. "CBG has been compared in both structure and antibacterial properties to grifolin, an antibiotic from the basidiomycete Grifolia conflens" [34]. It has has demonstrated the antibiotic properties of Cannabis seed, a factor that may aid its survival when overwintering. Adherent resin on the seed surface, as well as a surrounding mulch of spent Cannabis leaves, may serve in this regard" [35][36].

"The results obtained in treatment of specific tuberculous fistulas and published by Procek as well as the up to now unpublished results of the investigations carried out at Vy&scaronn? H?gy must be considered as preliminary ones even though the antituberculosis effect in vitro is very satisfactory."

"Especially veterinary workers, workers concerned with cattle breeding, employees in slaughter houses, cutters and so on consider the preparations containing biologically active (Cannabis) substances to be an important contribution to the prevenion of tuberculosis, anthrax, swine erysipelas and brucellosis in various streptococcic and staphylococcic infections of the hands and the like. The results achieved in this field, but unpublished as yet, justify the greatest optimism."

"...its antiseptic effects have been unjustifiably forgotten."

" A significant antibacterial effect upon the Mycobacterium tuberculosis in vitro could be observed up to a dilution of 1:150,000."

"The application of the hempseed in the tuberculosis therapy is based on a thirty years' experience acquired with regard to diet at the sanatorium in Jince...
Ground hempseeds extracted by milk at a temperature from 60 to 80 degrees C. prove to be analogically, even in their smallest doses, an utmost effective remedy. The mouldable organism of the consumptive child is a good criterion for such a diet, eked out with hempseeds" [37].
Livestock Research Notes:
M. bovis could possibly be kept latent in livestock by grazing of whole seeded Cannabis.
M. avium could possibly be kept latent in birds Hemp Seed.
Milk & TB, Para-TB Infections, Dr. Sardi, Unclean Food, Milking The Public
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