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Cannabis Use and Pregnancy

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Drawing on over thirty years of Cannabis research in rural Jamaica, Professor Melanie Dreher, College of Nursing, Univ. of Iowa, observes ... all » cultural contexts of marijuana use in peri-natal and neo-natal studies, including use of "Ganja Tea". Appearing before the 2004 Cannabis Therapeutics Conference, hosted by Patients Out of Time.

Cannabis Use and Pregnancy, with Melanie Dreher, RN, PhD (Complete)
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Great post moose! It goes to show that most of the studys done in the US are still based in finding something wrong with the herb. It really is all about funding and who wants the study done. My father was a acclamed research scientist in the US for 30 plus years. There were things he could not do in his research, which possibly stoped him from finding solutions to problems due to legality issues, and morality issues set by an oppressive goverment. Point being if the US goverment with tons of money wants something researched, the legal issues / moral issues disapear. But at the same time the research done will provide the answers they want and are paying for. With enough money anything can be proven by them. Now if there are enough opposing independant studys done where the greater truth is the goal, the truth will get out and set us free. The oppression of learning is not freedom, nor will it ever be no matter who is doing the oppression , shall it be it be goverment, religion, big corps, or everyday people we meet in the street. sorry for the rant, I just get so sick of the bullshit we put up with.


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wow. very very interesting.

great post. :-D


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Professor Melanie Dreher, College of Nursing, Univ. of Iowa

My sister works in the same building as her. My friends have even taken part in marijuana studies at the U of I hospital. It was the standard deal, smoke one placebo joint then one real one.
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