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Cannabis use Not miss use

Dr Humboldt

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:volcano-smiley: Simply; as a 1st time user no not take more than you can handle. Example is Coughing. it all out. You just wasted it. Take small amounts and wait for the reaction.. If you need more then a small amount is better than a large intake. Why? Because, you go beyond what is a use and now you abuse it. It is a medication. Apply it as one. :thanks:


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Re: Cannabis use Not miss use.

I think that statement is more of an opinion than a fact, and as for smoke being wasted in terms of intake that is right, and wrong as thc is absorbed almost immediately after it hits the tissues. Is sort of like that myth that the longer you hold your smoke the higher you get, its all solely opinionated. Positive vibrations friend:hippy:


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Re: Cannabis use Not miss use.

Hi Dr and welcome to the number one site for spreading cannabis awareness :420: :welcome:

Your suggestions for monitoring one's own usage are well-taken. Lion, you're comment is also great. When reading any post, whether it says it or not, everyone would be well-advised to imagine that the post starts with the words "I think" (I think). Much of what people post is opinion, which can be bad because sometimes opinions are wrong. But we also need to keep in mind that people are entitled to them.

Thanks for the cautionary note! Please check out New Member Start Links for lots of great tips on using and navigating the site.

Have a canna-tastic day!

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