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Cannabis Warrior: Rob 420 Griffin


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This is way too long for a stoner to read....
Wow, this is your only point of view? Reading and educating your self are worthwhile pursuits, maybe one day you will be able to move out of your folks basement.
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To be honest I was drunk when I attempted to read the article and the words were beginning to blend together.

Now that I have read through your article, I can honestly say it was fascinating and I appreciate and admire your efforts. You've done amazing job!

sorry if I offended, no need for the sly comment though.

Keep up the good work and in future I will wait till I can actually read an article before I comment.


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This is one great man and we can ALL learn a thing or two from him, mostly to never give up or get complacent, stay diligent and stay on course until there is no more war to fight, then we can all sit back and enjoy watching our plants grow.

Brother Rob, you have certainly changed my life and helped me gain a path and a vision my brother and for that I am truly grateful and honored to call you one of my favorite people on this planet!

Much love and positive energy from my little part of the universe to yours...

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