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Cannabis Worth £5 Million Seized

Lord Mong

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Five million pounds worth of cannabis has been seized at Newhaven Ferry Port.

Custom officers working at the port seized 2.4 tonnes of the drug which had been smuggled in from Spain on July 13.

A British lorry arrived from Dieppe carrying a load which looked like oil storage tanks.

When searching the lorry, officers discovered that the tops of the machines were held in place with a series of screws.

When these were removed and the lids lifted they discovered a huge haul of cannabis hidden inside. It is estimated that 2.4 tonnes were seized with a street value in excess of £5 million.

The driver of the lorry, a British national from Manchester was arrested, interviewed and released on bail pending further enquiries.

Maria Finelli, HM Revenue and Customs spokeswoman in the South East, said: 'This was another excellent detection by Customs working at Newhaven Ferry Port. This will send out a strong warning to smugglers that the Port should not be seen as a soft touch. Customs vigilance has prevented this cannabis from reaching its destination.'

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seems like 2 me they got snitched out cause no 1 would unscrew tha door 2 tha oil tank i mean dam if some1 realy did tht they would have 2 care about there job alot 2 even worry about it if it waz me just as long as i didnt see it itz not there


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"Prevented this cannabis from reaching its destination.'

ya now its in some local pig lung and not my


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Yeah thanks to those assholes Finlands dry as fuck....!!!!!!!!
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